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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Lee Eun-ho, South Korea’s new representative, said on Friday (June 2) that Taiwan and South Korea are complementary and conducive to cooperation.

South Korea and Taiwan are similar in that both have experienced democratization and economic development, Lee said. The representative stated that his primary objective was to promote and encourage bilateral cooperation in industry, scientific research, academia, legislation and security (firefighter and police training).

Lee pointed out that Korean dramas and K-pop music are popular in Taiwan and are an untapped area of ​​cooperation. He said Taiwan and South Korea could combine more young talents, including singers and dancers, to form new musical performances.

Product promotion in movies and TV shows could also be added, he suggested.

Li also pushed for stronger partnerships in semiconductor chip cooperation. Taiwan’s main export to South Korea is processor chips, while South Korea’s main export to Taiwan is memory chips.

Taiwan and South Korea “are well positioned in the semiconductor industry,” he said.

Referring to bilateral tourism, Lee said 1.3 million Taiwanese traveled to South Korea and 1.2 million South Koreans visited Taiwan in 2019. The South Korean government has been eager to boost tourism as the outbreak recedes, but he lamented the lack of flights.

Hongruizhen Sandwich’s Taiwanese castella cakes and sandwiches are very popular among Koreans, he said.

South Korea and Taiwan have many things in common, including democracy, prosperity and similar living standards, Lee said, adding that young people in Taiwan and South Korea share the same interests. He said that if we work together, the future will be better.

Mr. Li’s appointment as a representative in Taiwan stands out compared to his predecessors because of his background in mechanical engineering. He previously served as the director of the Korea Strategic Trade Institute.

He succeeds Chung Byung-won, who will hold the role from December 2021.

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