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South Korean fighter who volunteered to join Ukrainian army questioned by Seoul police

A South Korean volunteer soldier has been questioned by police over possible passport violations over an unauthorized stay in war-torn Ukraine amid the ongoing brutal war in Eastern Europe. Rhee Keun, a former Navy SEAL-turned-YouTube blogger, arrived at Incheon International Airport on May 27, about three months after traveling as a volunteer soldier to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine. According to South Korean officials, Lee Gun voluntarily reported to Seoul for interrogation at the Metropolitan Police Department on June 10, yonhap news agency News agency reports.

Cohen has reportedly pleaded guilty to most of the charges. Since mid-February, South Koreans have been banned from traveling to any part of Ukraine due to security concerns. Under South Korean law, entering the war-torn country without a permit is punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of up to 10 million won (more than $7,760). Notably, authorities have banned Cohen from leaving the country since then. Speaking to reporters after his arrival, Cohen said he had to return because of ruptured ligaments in both knees that required surgery.

South Korean fighter jet under investigation for violating passport law

“I’m coming back for recovery and treatment. I would love to go back to Ukraine,” he added before departing. yonhap news agency Report. The South Korean volunteer soldier also spoke briefly about his wartime experiences, including witnessing a Ukrainian citizen shot dead by Russian troops. “I’ve seen the war with my own eyes, I’ve seen a lot of crimes. There’s still a lot to do because the war is not over. We should fight harder and keep fighting,” he added. Notably, Cohen flied to the war-torn country in defiance of South Korea’s travel ban on Ukraine and is currently under investigation for violating passport laws.

Russia: Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine to face criminal charges

It is worth mentioning here that the war between Russia and Ukraine continued to escalate and reached its 110th day on Monday, June 13. Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said foreign mercenaries in Ukraine were not combatants and would face criminal charges.

Earlier on June 2, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov claimed that the number of foreign fighters stationed in Ukraine had been reduced from 6,600 to around 3,500 so far.

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