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South Korea to cancel COVID-19 tests for tourists from Oct. 1

South Korea to cancel COVID-19 tests for tourists from Oct. 1

South Korea will make travel easier for tourists. The country is removing its mandate for first-day COVID-19 testing for all tourists, a move that is expected to further boost tourism.

Traveling to South Korea will only get easier. The country, a popular travel destination for global tourists and known for its food, culture and fashion (especially in India, thanks to the Hallyu or Hallyu wave), will abolish COVID-19 testing for tourists to authorize them First day of arrival, starting Saturday 1st October. Yonhap News Agency confirmed the news on September 30.

South Korea eases travel restrictions, revokes COVID-19 testing mandate

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So far, travelers entering South Korea are not required to undergo pre-departure testing, but they must still undergo a COVID-19 PCR test within 24 hours of arriving in South Korea. The latest announcement implies that all pandemic-related border control rules and regulations have been lifted for tourists arriving in South Korea.

The country dropped its pre-departure testing requirement in early September, and in June this year lifted mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated travelers. The number of COVID-19 cases in the country is also declining, which led to the decision.

South Korea registered 28,497 new COVID cases on Thursday night before the Sept. 30 announcement, according to recent reports.

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Lee Ki-il, the country’s second deputy health minister, told reporters that “the number of weekly infections has fallen for the first time in nine weeks, and the virus is showing signs of slowing down,” he wrote Reuters.

South Korea also lifted its requirement to wear face masks outdoors in September, and people who test positive for the virus are required to self-isolate for seven days. The easing of travel is expected to attract a large influx of tourists to the country, promoting travel and allowing them to experience South Korea’s beauty, culture, cuisine, celebrations, and more.

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