Six dead in helicopter crash near Mount Everest

Six dead in helicopter crash near Mount Everest

A helicopter crash near Mount Everest has killed six people, including five foreigners and a Nepali pilot, officials said. The accident happened on July 11 on a helicopter managed by Himalayan tour company Manang Air.

“Locals found the crashed helicopter in Chihandanda,” said Nwang Lhakpa, vice chairman of the city government. Search and rescue technicians then located the crash site and recovered the body. The cause of the crash has not been determined.

The pilot was named as Captain Chet Gurone and the passengers were identified as Sifuentes G. Fernando (95), Sifuentes Rincon Ismail (98), Sifuentes · Gongarez April (72) and Gongarez Horacio Luz (G. Mary Jesse) (52).

Nepal’s climbing and tourism season usually ends in May as weather and visibility worsen. In January this year, a plane crashed near the tourist city of Pokhara, causing 71 deaths in Nepal’s worst air disaster in 30 years.

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