Singapore travel confidence peaks, 73% planning trips before October

Singapore travel confidence peaks, 73% planning trips before October

Travel in a post-pandemic world is being redefined in many ways – re-establishing trust in travel in a complex and high-cost travel environment, making travelers more aware of their travel planning needs.

Latest news from Expedia real travel Confidence in travel comes with easing restrictions, the study found. Most felt safe when vaccinated (69%), and as countries eased entry restrictions, they found testing/entry requirements easier to manage (58%).

This real travel The study surveyed 1,000 Singaporeans between the ages of 18 and 45 who travelled for leisure at least once every three years to understand what fuels travel confidence in a post-pandemic world.

More travel booked as travel confidence increases

When asked why they decided to travel this year, six in 10 Singaporeans felt it would be safer to travel as restrictions ease and countries begin to reopen borders and ease entry requirements. Travel confidence is evident, with over 52% feeling more confident about travel. 73% of Singapore tourists also plan to travel abroad this summer, with 40% of them already booking summer trips.

Singapore travelers generally feel safe now that they are vaccinated and know that most travelers today are vaccinated. 27% and 29% of travelers aged 18-25 and 26-35, respectively, have already booked their summer travel plans, while 33% of travelers aged 36-45 have already made their summer travel plans. Younger travelers take longer to observe the situation when planning a trip.

For those still hesitant to travel this summer, the most common reason was budget (45%), as travel costs have increased compared to pre-pandemic. This is most common among the 18- to 35-year-old age group, where 48% say budget is their top concern, compared to 37% of 36- to 45-year-old travelers. More than half of the respondents also believe that refundable/flexible booking policies help them feel more confident about travel.

Travelers who wish to stay away from reality

For those who want to travel, travel planning takes longer. Of the 73% who plan to travel this summer, the majority (50%) plan to take one trip, while 30% plan to take two trips. Almost 1 in 2 people (46%) would like to take a trip that lasts at least 6 days. Travelers aged 18 to 25 are also the most enthusiastic about travelling for 6 to 9 days (31%) or 4 to 5 days (29%). Meanwhile, 37% of 26- to 35-year-old travelers are most enthusiastic about 4- to 5-day trips, while 32% of them are keen on 6- to 9-day trips.

A new drive beyond the bucket list

The pandemic has allowed Expedia to introduce better travel planning tools for travelers to get the most out of their travel investments. Along with the survey, the following traveler program trends were also revealed:

  • Regarding things to do during travel, research shows that visiting their bucket list destinations and relaxing and doing nothing are 32% each.
  • The pandemic has affected lives differently, as some travelers prefer to prioritize personal well-being more than before.

31% want to try a new food or restaurant they haven’t tried or been to, while 29% want to revisit places that were closed during the pandemic.

Lavinia Rajaram, Head of Public Relations, Expedia Group Asia, said: “It’s encouraging to see Singaporeans feel confident and excited about travelling again. With many travel restrictions being eased over the past few months, Singaporeans have been encouraged to board once again. The sky, fulfilling a suppressed travel desire.

“When we looked back at the 2022 Travel Trends report released at the beginning of the year, travelers were open to last-minute travel and Carpe Diem mentality. Fast forward to now, and we see travel behavior shifting toward programs that cater to more meaningful experiences. That said, the wanderlust for new sensations and discoveries remains.

She added: “Prices are already showing a huge demand for travel and planning will be key to finding the best places for a bargain.”

Featured image: Amsterdam; travelers are more aware of the need to plan in a high cost and changing environment

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