Singapore tourism bubble or local housing, Hong Kong people are not first in Hong Kong

It’s been four weeks since I got my second Covid BioNTech vaccine, and the antibodies should be building up in my system by now. As a good citizen, I also use “Leave Home Safe” and “iAM Smart” government apps.

It turns out that getting these two vaccines is a bit anticlimactic, as the benefits of both vaccines now appear to be minimal.

I am able to fly to many countries around the world without quarantining on arrival. However, if I return to Hong Kong, I will need to be re-tested and quarantined for 21 days even though I have been vaccinated in Hong Kong.

I would love to hear someone from the government comment on why Singaporeans can come to Hong Kong without vaccinations, while Hong Kong residents can use the vaccines singapore bubble It is possible to return without quarantine, but other fully vaccinated Hong Kong travelers cannot.

Of course, one test before the return trip, one test upon arrival in Hong Kong, and the presentation of the Hong Kong government’s electronic vaccination certificate are sufficient.

Shen Zeng K. Spencer

The government doesn’t seem to like the people very much

I’ve come to the conclusion that our government really doesn’t like us that much. Two examples from the past few weeks come to mind.

First, the Office for the Preservation of National Security has just requisitioned its offices. second hotel In less than a year – it’s a shame the government hasn’t shown similar vigor to commandeer otherwise unused hotel space for those living in fire traps or cages while they wait for public housing.
The office also just got a nice Harborside construction site Its new offices occupy 124,000 square feet, enough room for about 300 families who have been waiting for housing for more than five years. Isn’t it amazing what you can do when the pressure is coming from the right people?
Second, the travel bubble with Singapore will Finish: Why do Hong Kong people have to be vaccinated if we want to go there, but Singaporeans don’t need to be vaccinated if they want to go here? Are they more important than us?

Why does the Hong Kong government do what most sane people would support, but ruin everything by treating Hongkongers as second class citizens?


‘Vaccine bubble’ allows Hong Kong bars and party rooms to reopen, confusing many

‘Vaccine bubble’ allows Hong Kong bars and party rooms to reopen, confusing many

Our hapless unelected CEO, and her unelected appointees, must have some kind of blind spot about the people they are hired to govern. They don’t seem to like us very much, personally, the feeling is mutual.

Repairing and rebuilding people’s trust in government is critical if we are to find solutions to this pandemic and the myriad of other problems we face – and if government makes even a little effort to prioritize us for change, it may helps.

Lee Faulkner, Lamma Island

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