Singapore to launch new restaurants and eateries this month

If there’s one thing Singapore does right, it’s our thriving food scene. There is always something new and not boring happening in our dining scene, and the best part is that you don’t have to go abroad or travel far to enjoy delicious food, be it local or international.

Before we move on to these five restaurants that have caught our attention recently, let’s take a moment to get acquainted with Singapore, some of which are new restaurants and some with new menus.

(Updated July 18)

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1) Comforting rice noodles in wokhei broth at Cheeky Beehoon

Address: 37 East Coast Road, Singapore 428755

Cheeky Beehoon serves a hearty bowl of rice noodles, either dry or in soup. (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Cheeky Beehoon is a new store on the East Coast Road block, a concept store, yep, you guessed it, beehoon. Chef Darwin Wong, a seasoned chef with experience at Jaan and the operator of JIDAI, helms the restaurant with a team also from fine dining. Try the Soup Bee Hoon, a heart-warming dish filled with wok hei flavors in the broth. I mean, how does it do it?

It’s raining heavily at 9am as I write this, and you can bet this is my top priority right now.

2) Taste Swiss flavors at CouCou authentic Swiss restaurant and bar

Address: 9 Craig Road, Singapore 089669

Malakoff, a traditional Gruyère cheese dome, is a surprisingly crusty ball that originated in a small Swiss village.  (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Malakoff, a traditional Gruyère cheese dome that originated in small Swiss villages, is a surprising ball of cheese. (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

A holiday to Switzerland won’t cost more than a walk in the park, but thanks to Singapore’s thriving food scene, you can now sample Swiss cuisine without leaving the country.

Walking into CouCou, you are greeted by a cuckoo clock adorning the wall. Delve into the menu and you’ll find a cheese lover’s paradise. Their fondue is so popular that they’re even delivering food with fondue pots during the pandemic.

You don’t need me to tell you that their cheese dishes are definitely well done, but don’t miss the pork tenderloin with morel mushroom sauce. They also do steak and fish dishes, which are standard enough, but I wouldn’t skip the former.

Pork tenderloin with morel sauce (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Pork tenderloin with morel sauce (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

In general, the menu is not particularly extensive, but each dish is rich and heartwarming. And, do yourself a favor and order Williams pear or apricot liqueur – ask the floor staff and they will make the necessary recommendations!

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3) Enjoy Kyoto Kaiseki at Ikkoten Omakase

Address: 86 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 048469

Ikkoten’s Executive Chef Brandon Low is 26 years old. But don’t underestimate this young chef, who has been trained in Kyoto cuisine for about ten years under the tutelage of Japanese chefs.

L: Chef Low showing off his Donabe in takeout.  R: Chef Low is back-cooking seasonal fish over charcoal (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

L: Chef Low showing off his Donabe in takeout. R: Chef Low is back-cooking seasonal fish over charcoal (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Just opened in May 2023, this traditional Kyoto kaiseki-style omakase offers three compact and well-executed omakase menus to choose from.Presented by the chef at lunchtime Yuki For $138++, you can choose from two dinner menus: moon$198++ and flower$298++.

Expect traditional preparations and modern presentations of Kyoto-style kaiseki.Imagine a seasonal grilled fish reverse-grilled over charcoal; deconstructed Gentoro Sprinkled with a golden surprise and prepared in the traditional way Donabe You’ll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else.

From left to right: Yakimono, Chef's Special Sushi, Donabe Meshi (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

From left to right: Yakimono, Chef’s Special Sushi, Donabe Meshi (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

I won’t spoil the whole experience for you, as the whole premise of Omakase is the chef’s choice, which should come as a surprise – but you’ll definitely want to save some stomach space for his seasonal Donabe, usually served towards the end of the meal.

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4) Spice up your food at Tajine Moroccan Tapas & Cocktail Bar

Address: 18 Mohammad Sultan Road, Singapore 238967

From left to right: appetizers, incredible lamb chops and delicious cocktails.  (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

From left to right: appetizers, the incredible lamb shoulder you must try, and sweet cocktails. (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Tajine hails all the way from Morocco to serve authentic Moroccan cuisine that is hard to find in Singapore. Singaporeans may not be as familiar with Moroccan cuisine as we are with Japanese or Korean cuisine, but Moroccan cuisine is known for its rich and complex flavors, often in large portions, giving it a similar DNA to our food culture.

I still have trouble pronouncing food names, but you don’t want language differences to stop you from trying besara (Fava Bean Hummus), Mejoy (slow cooker lamb shoulder) and of course the tagine (say yes to veal shank). All the meats we tried were tender and tasted incredible.

One thing’s for sure; it’s definitely a great meal and you’ll want to bring a group of friends to enjoy it!

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5) New menu at Manford Gardens at InterContinental Singapore

Address: 80 Middle Road Level 2 InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966

From left to right: seafood stew, mushrooms, melon rind, 3 hours and 33 minutes of Duroc pork ribs in honey sauce, stone bowl rice with black pork, egg yolk and flying fish roe (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

From left to right: seafood stew, mushrooms, melon rind, 3 hours and 33 minutes of Duroc pork ribs in honey sauce, stone bowl rice with black pork, egg yolk and flying fish roe (Photo: Stephanie Cheng)

Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore has launched a new à la carte menu. Conceived and curated by Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan, the refreshed menu elevates classic Cantonese dishes with modern interpretations and quality ingredients.

New menu highlights we think must-try include:

1) You can’t go wrong with nutritious, heart-warming food Stewed seafood soup with melon rind and mushroom.

2) Table drama aside, 3.33 Duroc Pork Ribs in Honey Sauce, Yuzu Soy Sauce, Shredded Coconut Actually a crowd favorite with an explosive flavor profile.

3) Delicious full of collagen, braised for 6 hours until tender, Flambé Braised Crocodile Palms with Vegetables and Mushrooms is a list of foods you need to try and check off.

4) The delicious food on the table is surprising Braised Indonesian cave swallow with Beijing-style crab meat, crab roe and silver buds.

5) Maybe I have civilian taste buds, but Black Pork Bacon Egg Yolk Feizi Stone Bowl Rice Essentially a premium fried rice, I’m all for it.

Man Fu Yuan offers dine-in menus for lunch and dinner.

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