Singapore lifts restrictions and issues warnings: What’s the latest rule?


Singapore lifted its travel ban for citizens of India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka from October 26, meaning those with a 14-day travel history in those countries will be allowed to enter the city-state. However, the Singapore government said travelers from these countries will have to go through its Category 4 border measures.

What are Category 4 border measures and what does it mean for Indian travelers?

This category is the strictest of the four restriction levels in Singapore, and only Singapore citizens and permanent residents, as well as passengers under the emergency access channel for death and critical illness, are allowed to enter.

All other travelers, including those with prior entry approval, will not be allowed to enter Singapore. In addition, eligible travelers must undergo a Covid-19 RT-PCR test no more than 48 hours before departure, undergo another test upon arrival in Singapore, and spend 10 days in a dedicated quarantine facility.

Why is Singapore making these relaxations now?

Singapore’s Ministry of Health said in a statement: “We have previously announced that all travelers with a 14-day travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will not be permitted to enter or transit through Singapore. According to the Covid-19 situation, all travelers who have a 14-day travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka before traveling to Singapore will be allowed to enter and transit through Singapore from 23:59 on 26 October 2021. These Passengers will be subject to Category 4 border measures.”

Does Singapore allow travelers from other countries?

Yes, the city-state allows entry from other countries where the Covid-19 situation is under control. It is worth noting that in order to break the ban on travelers from India, those who want to return to Singapore from India are required to spend 14 days in a third country before flying to Singapore.

In August, Singapore also established a Vaccination Lane (VTL) with Germany and Brunei Darussalam. VTL is basically an extension of the travel corridor, although only for fully vaccinated travelers. VTL has now expanded to Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Canada, USA and Korea.

Which countries allow travel from India?

Some other countries, including the UAE, Germany, Spain, Maldives, Turkey, Thailand, etc., also allow entry of Indian tourists to a certain extent. Last month, the Turkish embassy in New Delhi announced that passengers flying from India to Turkey will no longer need to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival as long as they have been vaccinated. In August, Germany reclassified India as a “high (Covid) incidence area” from a higher level of travel restrictions in a “virus mutation area”. With this, it lifted the entry ban for travelers from India. Spain is also allowing the entry of fully vaccinated tourists from India.

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