Singapore lifts all COVID-19 travel restrictions

Aerial view of Singapore city during daytime


As the world continues to reopen to tourists, Singapore is taking major steps to ease entry requirements. Singapore’s Ministry of Health recently announced that effective last Monday, all COVID precautionary measures, including pre-departure testing and the requirement to wear face masks, will be lifted.

US citizens traveling to Singapore are advised that effective 13 February 2023, no COVID-19 measures will be imposed on arrivals in Singapore, regardless of vaccination status or traveler profile. It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that all basic entry requirements are met.

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As the outbreak response level changed from “yellow” to “green”, indicating that COVID-19 is not a threat, the Department of Health has also revealed that masks will also no longer be required on public transport.

Travel + Leisure noted that those who were previously unvaccinated before entering Singapore will need to undergo a 48-hour COVID test prior to departure. Singapore’s Ministry of Health noted that the number of new COVID-19 cases has decreased and no new variants have emerged.

Since August last year, the government has abolished mandatory quarantine regardless of vaccination status, one of the most important phases Singapore has taken to reduce COVID-19 guidelines.

“In Singapore, our COVID situation has remained stable in recent months despite increased travel during the year-end holidays and China’s transition from zero COVID,” Singapore’s deputy prime minister and virus task force co-chair Lawrence Wong told the media. According to Reuters. “Our population has developed high levels of mixed immunity,” he added.

Some 12-14 million tourists are expected to visit Singapore in 2023, almost double the 6.3 million tourists in 2022. Over the past year, the Singapore Tourism Board has partnered with National Geographic, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel, and Charlie Puth, a Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter and producer.

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This story was originally published on February 15, 2023 at 12:30 noon.

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