Since the establishment of the “OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 Phase 1” program, which is a program to demonstrate and disseminate excellent Japanese products and services at home and abroad, a total of 134 objects have received awards, which is the largest number since its inception! ! The newly established “Best Gold Award” selects 3 subjects! |PR TIMES|Web Higashio

Since the establishment of the “OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 Phase 1” program, which is a program to demonstrate and disseminate excellent Japanese products and services at home and abroad, a total of 134 objects have received awards, which is the largest number since its inception!  ! The newly established “Best Gold Award” selects 3 subjects! |PR TIMES|Web Higashio

Enchuan Co., Ltd.
Under the slogan “Bringing Japanese hospitality to the world OMOTENASHI”, the OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee launched a program called “OMOTENASHI Selection” to discover and certify excellent Japanese products and services and spread them domestically outside. ” will be announced on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

In the first quarter of 2023, in response to signs of recovery in the country, many companies and businesses are actively expanding sales channels and increasing their recognition at home and abroad.Awarded 134 subjects, the most since the founding of the schooldid.

Newly established “Best Gold Award”, “Regional Revitalization Award” and “Sustainable Development Award”!

From this session onwards, in addition to the “Gold Award”, “Award” and “Special Award”,The “Gold Award” recognizes the highest-rated object among all award-winning a special award from the OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee, in response to the recent momentum to strengthen efforts to achieve the “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)”Three new awards, the “Regional Revitalization Award” and the “Sustainability Award”did.

Three companies were selected for the first “Best Gold Award”: Tianxin Catering Co., Ltd. “NOUGAT ℃ Sand”, Daxin Industry Co., Ltd. “(Ryujin) Series”, and Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. “Soup Beaute” Rice Field.

Suntory Honkaku Shochu Ohsumi of Suntory Co., Ltd. received the Regional Revitalization Award for developing products that create the future of the region, and the Sustainability Award for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approach. “Delicious Reserve Food Survival” Sei Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s “Food Preserved for 25 Years” stood out and was selected.

Expansion of various support programs / Opening of a special page for French cross-border EC “Le marce Paris”

In the “OMOTENASHI Selection”, in order to convey the charm of Japanese products and services to overseas tourists and tourists visiting Japan, now that entry is recovering after the corona disaster, partner companies offer various support programs both online and offline. We will expand.
As a support for expanding overseas markets, the cross-border e-commerce “Le marce Paris” operated by Swapsss Co., Ltd., headquartered in France, will open a special page for OMOTENASHI Selection, and sales will begin later in June. In addition, we are expanding measures for domestic and inbound tourists, and we are planning sales events held by partner companies in various places.

In the “OMOTENASHI Selection”, we will continue to select and discover “hospitality” products and services that are full of unique Japanese charm, and strengthen the sales force of award-winning companies through information dissemination at home and abroad to internationalize and actively expand sales channels. We will push it.

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<最佳金獎(在所有獲獎對像中評價特別高):3個> *names not listed in order
Daishin Industry Co., Ltd. “(Ryujin) Series”

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Tenshin Dining Co., Ltd. “NOUGAT℃ Sand”

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Nature Holdings Limited “Tombette”

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<金獎:34個科目> *names not listed in order

1. (Tokyo) Evoon multi-business backpack air2.0: Gerbera Co., Ltd.
2. (Shiga Prefecture) Homemade Tofu Challenge: Masukyuen Co., Ltd.
3. (Niigata Prefecture)[Dragon God]series: Daishin Sangyo Co., Ltd. Grand Gold Award
4. (Oita Prefecture) Oita-grown chives: LogStyle Co., Ltd.
5. (Tochigi Prefecture) Takumi no Fukube Sen, Rich Green Onion Miso Flavor: Nisshin Seika Co., Ltd.
6. (Kyoto Prefecture) Motosu Pudding: Motosuei Co., Ltd.
7. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Luxury Japanese-style hotel Kaze no Kaoru UMI: Sanza Co., Ltd.
8. (Hokkaido) Zen ~zen~: Woodwork Co., Ltd.
9. (Miyagi Prefecture) Koshikake Strawberry Daifuku: Sansanen Co., Ltd.
10. (Tokyo) Re・De Pot electric pressure cooker 2L: A-Stage Co., Ltd.
11. (Tokyo) Re·De Hairdry: A-Stage Co., Ltd.
12. (Saitama Prefecture) Ueda Ichimae Koji White Miso: Tanaka Tokubei Store
13. (Aichi Prefecture) Sweet Sushi Kagura Festival
14. (Ehime Prefecture) & HONEY: Uwajima Nosan Co., Ltd.
15. (Hiroshima) Ten&O Art+Craft Wood Plate Collection: Tenno Co., Ltd.
16. (Miyagi Prefecture) Pure Camellia: Tsubakiya Honpo
17. (Hokkaido) Friends of the Forest Series: Chiemoku Co., Ltd.
18. (Osaka) stainless steel mug and ice cubes: Saint Graal
19. (Niigata Prefecture) Grease Zero: Sakka Kanko Hotel Co., Ltd.
20. (Aichi Prefecture) Toryu Umeshu: Toharu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
21. (Kyoto Prefecture) Matcha Milk Manju from Kyoto: Tsuruya Chosei Co., Ltd.
22. (Tochigi Prefecture) Yuexiang: Lan Yuexiang Co., Ltd.
23. (Nara Prefecture) Osho’s Ponzu: Osho Co., Ltd.
24. (Aichi Prefecture) RUN-MARKER CHARGE: HAPPY JOINT Co., Ltd.
25. (Tokyo) NOUGAT℃ Sand: Tenshin Dining Co., Ltd. Grand Gold Award
26. (Tokyo) Liushui with matcha cake chocolate: Topsert Co., Ltd.
27. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Household knife “Sho Damascus”: Child’s Day Co., Ltd.
28. (Osaka) Soup Beaute: Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. Grand Prize Gold Award
29. (Iwate Prefecture) Sanriku ice fruit: Kamaishi DMC Co., Ltd.
30. (Fukuoka Prefecture) Eat Green Tea Nora/Black Tea Nora: Yuge Seicha

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<連續金獎(連續多年獲得金獎):4個目標> *names not listed in order

31. (Kagoshima Prefecture) Treasure Premium Pudding: Treasure Co., Ltd.* Gold Award for 6 consecutive years (2018-2023)
32. (Tokyo) Melting Futon (R) enifea II: D Breath Co., Ltd. * Gold Award for 4 consecutive years (2020-2023)
33. (Tokyo) fit it balance support sole: Honshu Co., Ltd.* Gold Award for 3 consecutive years (2021-2023)
34. (Gifu Prefecture) Cool Cherry Blossom Series: Marumo Takagi Pottery Co., Ltd. *Gold Award for two consecutive years (2022-2023)

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■ Post Office Online Shop Award

35. (Mie Prefecture) Heiji Senbei: Heiji Senbei Main Store
■ ANA Award

36. (Osaka Prefecture) Mr. Osu: Yonemaru Trading Co., Ltd.

■ Asian Selection Award

37. (Osaka Prefecture) Local parcel delivery: Digital Ax Co., Ltd.
38. (Fukuoka) ZOONUTS: Dolce di Rocca Carino
■Omi Selected Member Award

39. (Osaka) Kofun King Gyoza: Gyoza Specialty Store Tsumugiba -Tsumuha-
40. (Okinawa) Chinese audio: China Otadeyoko Co., Ltd.
■ Regional Promotion Award

41. (Tokyo) Suntory Honko Shochu Osumi: Suntory Co., Ltd.
■ Sustainability Award

42. (Tokyo) Survival Foods, a delicious reserve food that has been preserved for 25 years: Seienterprise Co., Ltd.

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<獎項:86名獲獎者> *names not listed in order

43. (Niigata Prefecture) Bushcraft Knife Prominence MH-001: Kobayashi Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
44. (Tokyo) IGUNEMU rush aroma series: aroma gift
45. (Shimane Prefecture) Nishiki: Miyako Nishiki Brewery Co., Ltd.
46. ​​(Tokyo) Sit Air: IMPHY
47. (Ehime Prefecture) sara-la Imabari towel gift “Saki”: Tamatex Co., Ltd.
48. (Tokyo) Proteindokoro Natetsuan: Digitame Co., Ltd.
49. (Osaka) Kochiwaza: Daiken Industry Co., Ltd.
50. (Shimane Prefecture) KAMOHADA Premium brew Mask: Okuizumo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
51. (Kyoto) KUMIKO Light: Murayama Wood Co., Ltd.
52. (Mie Prefecture) Ise Cardamom Cola: Flonal Co., Ltd.
53. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Abandoned bar: Sanjiutang Co., Ltd.
54. (Ehime Prefecture) Tangerines from a brewery: Eiko Shuzo Co., Ltd.
55. (Kyoto) Kyokomaru (broad beans, peas, peanuts, black beans): Seki Confectionery Co., Ltd. (Tobeian)
56. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Hotel & Spa Anda Resort Izukogen: Sanza Co., Ltd.
57. (Ehime Prefecture) Young Master Coffee: Cafe Kobo Matsuyama Co., Ltd.
58. (Hyogo Prefecture) Painted Candles Seasonal Flowers: Matsumoto Store
59. (Tokyo) Mellow Cola: Mama Moon Co., Ltd.
60. (Okinawa) Happy Mango from Miyako Island: Tida Factory Co., Ltd.
61. (Tokyo) yksi SAUNA & STAY: Evless Hospitality LLC
62. (Ehime Prefecture) Floral organic cotton children’s clothing: hanafu Co., Ltd.
63. (Gunma Prefecture) The Story of Silk Dream: Lavender Co., Ltd.
64. (Akita Prefecture) camel mattress: Kento Ito Co., Ltd.
65. (Mie Prefecture) Mikanjusu Sasanai Farm
66. (Saga) Coffee bowl “Tokishirase”: Kinryugama Co., Ltd.
67. (Tokyo) Truffle Bowl: Nihonbashi OIKAWA Co., Ltd.
68. (Saitama Prefecture) Highlights: Blue Forest Trading Co., Ltd.
69. (Osaka) Cleansing Whip: Excess Beauty Co., Ltd.
70. (Osaka) Makeup brushes: Excess Beauty Co., Ltd.
71. (Niigata Prefecture) Hot Sand Solo: Tsubame Sanjo Kitchen Laboratory Co., Ltd.
72. (Hiroshima) Nekojasuri: Wataoka Co., Ltd.
73. (Hyogo Prefecture) Japanese-Western fusion coffee yokan: Kobe Coffee Co., Ltd.
74. (Kagawa Prefecture) Olive products: namiliva (NAMIDA ORIGINAL)
75. (Gifu Prefecture) NATURANOLA: Magikarps Co., Ltd.
76. (Hyogo Prefecture) Katsuura Flote A: Katsuura Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
77. (Ishikawa) Wajima Nuri Compact Mirror: Okagaki Lacquerware Co., Ltd. (Senshudo)
78. (Tokyo) Melt Crack Baby Cream: Actifree Co., Ltd.
79. (Aichi Prefecture) Kanzuri Nori: Yamayo Sakakibara Co., Ltd.
80. (Tokyo) O’MUSU: Ocrasi Co., Ltd.
81. (Shimane Prefecture) Shoulder pochette: K-iwami (Murataya Co., Ltd.)
82. (Aomori Prefecture) Handbag made in Kumamoto Prefecture black leather × tatami surface: Nakamura Tatami Factory
83. (Tokyo) Mizuhiki Band WANOWA: NB Co., Ltd.
84. (Kagoshima Prefecture) Anno Potato, Purple Potato Tomoe: Co., Ltd. Confectionery Watanabe
85. (Tokyo) PW Herb Acne Water: Actifree Co., Ltd.
86. (Tokyo) taneco Anno potatoes with uneven drying: Sintitoro Co., Ltd.
87. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Leg Comfort: Benex Co., Ltd.
88. (Osaka) ACTIO Notebook Diginare: EDUL Design Co., Ltd.
89. (Aichi Prefecture) Kotobuki House Dumplings: Kotobuki House (Shoju Co., Ltd.)
90. (Ishikawa Prefecture) A spoonful of tenants “Imura soy sauce brown rice koji”: farmers and condiment tenants (Sugimizu Association)
91. (Yamagata Prefecture) Yamagata Rice Comparison Set Komeiro: Ogata Rice Co., Ltd.
92. (Shizuoka Prefecture) Home Lantern Terrarium Green: Systech Co., Ltd.
93. (Aichi Prefecture) Nine Styling Care Multi Styling Oil: Hoyu Co., Ltd.
94. (Kagawa Prefecture) Sakura Mini Cargo Bag: KAMAKURA HANDS CRAFT
95. (Osaka) Pure Factor: Sanguchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
96. (Tokyo) Water Kimchi: Daiichi Bussan Co., Ltd.
97. (Osaka) jyabjyab waffle soft slippers: Okumura Co., Ltd.
98. (Niigata Prefecture) Sado Megumicha (R) Series: Brillian
99. (Tokyo) Rice cakes handmade with a pestle: Senjiro Bami
100. (Osaka) DOING Calendar: DOING Co., Ltd.
101. (Tokushima Prefecture) Yamani’s Sea Bream Fish Sauce / Sea Bream Ponzu: Yamani Sangyo Co., Ltd.
102. (Aichi Prefecture) simple firewood table makitate: Taishin Co., Ltd.
103. (Hokkaido) Spruce Bowl: Oke Craft
104. (Kanagawa Prefecture) 100% Amageki Otama Watermelon Juice: Yamawaka Farm
105. (Toyama Prefecture) Meiji Pharmaceutical NMN 15000 Plus: Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
106. (Osaka) KIMONO Monju Kimono Dress: Uzhiyang Co., Ltd.
107. (Kanagawa Prefecture) Laundry Brothers cleaning service: Cleaning Libre
108. (Ehime Prefecture) Umega soy sauce mochi: Utsuboya Co., Ltd.
109. (Hokkaido) CucuCharm (right): Mille Heureux
110. (Iwate Prefecture) dritto 3: Prowse Co., Ltd.
111. (Ehime Prefecture) Magari Yosegi JuJu: Chihara Koubou
112. (Okinawa) Vintage Cold Tea Glass: Ryukyu Glass Studio glass32
113. (Kagawa Prefecture) 100% pure fruit juice: Fujikawa Orchard (Fujikawa Orchard Co., Ltd.)
114. (Shizuoka Prefecture) Shuzenji Pudding: Shuzenji Pudding Workshop (Comprehensive Association Isbound)
115. (Fukuoka Prefecture) “Dashi Power” Boiled Dashi/Soup/Nabe Ponzu: Hakata Hamaya
116. (Fukuoka) Fresh Bread Koyuki: Ecola Co., Ltd.
117. (Ibaraki Prefecture) Sauna Forest Sauna Hat Mebuka: Diaz Co., Ltd.
118. (Tokyo) Bicerin Coffee Sand: Bicerin Asia Pacific and Middle East Co., Ltd.
119. (Tokyo) TASHIKA Cup: Takahashi Hinge Industry Co., Ltd.
120. (Hokkaido) Kinuko Premium: K Company Co., Ltd.
121. (Tokushima Prefecture) Hasuya Natto Furikake: Shikoku Apollian
122. (Saga Prefecture) MOKU-NUNO Mask: LLC Mt. Blue
123. (Mie Prefecture) black curry: Toyoken Co., Ltd.
124. (Shizuoka Prefecture) SAMURAI MOVE GEAR: SAMURAI MOVE GEAR (NGM Co., Ltd.)
125. (Tochigi Prefecture) NotS: UNDERCOOLED
126. (Yamaguchi) Xingfu Pudding: Nakaya Pastry
127. (Chiba Prefecture) Chocolat A Re Gatou: Thank you Co., Ltd.
128. (Chiba) A spoonful of early ginger: Narita Foods Co., Ltd.

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<連續獲獎(連續多年獲獎者):6個目標> *names not listed in order

129. (Ehime Prefecture) Utsuboya: Utsuboya Co., Ltd. *Awarded for two consecutive years (2022-2023)
130. (Aichi Prefecture) MyStar: Ooyagi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. * Awarded for two consecutive years (2022-2023)
131. (Kagoshima Prefecture) Natural alkaline hot spring water Zamine Onsen: Zamine Co., Ltd. ※ Awarded for 6 consecutive years (2018-2023)
132. (Tokyo) Silk Aura (R) Takumi Premium: D Breath Co., Ltd. * Awarded for 4 consecutive years (2020-2023)
133. (Tokyo) Bb lab.: BB Laboratories Inc. *Awarded for two consecutive years (2022-2023)
134. (Niigata Prefecture) Combining Colorful Stole: Arc Lead Co., Ltd. *Awarded for two consecutive years (2022-2023)

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Under the slogan “OMOTENASHI that brings Japanese hospitality to the world”, the project aims to discover and spread excellent Japanese products and services both at home and abroad. The aim is to make the best use of the knowledge, technology and network of each member of the executive committee and participating companies and organizations, so that people in Japan and overseas can understand the beauty of Japanese products and services. It is designed to help strengthen the sales force of SMEs and small businesses that have difficulty obtaining the necessary management resources, as well as excellent objects that have already attracted attention on a global scale.

●OMOTENASHI NIPPON official website:
●Executive Committee:
Aoyamashachu Co., Ltd., AnyMind Japan Co., Ltd., ENGAWA Co., Ltd., Sunny Side Up Group Co., Ltd.
(Japanese syllable order)

OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 Official Partner

(Gold Partner)

img 973e1e2c13d69476e98c30277ad1c3ed11381

ANA X Co., Ltd. Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Asia Taishi International Consulting Co., Ltd., Arigato Travel KK., Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd., イースト Co., Ltd.,
Innovent Co., Ltd., umamill Co., Ltd., Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd., Clozette Pte.
JAPAN RAIL CAFE Singapore, Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi, Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd., Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.,
Time Lab Inc., North Lane International, LLC, Hakuhodo Products Inc.,
Furusato Service Co., Ltd., Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo, Makuake Co., Ltd., Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd.,
Meitetsu Department Store Co., Ltd., Monmaya, 1-81 AGENCY (in alphabetical order)

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