Signed Basic Agreement with TBM, Limex Mongolia LLC, Mongolian National Development Agency | TBM Press Release


From left: D.Bach Jargal (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Japan), T.Shagdar (President of Limex Mongolia), B.Bayarsaikhan (Director General of National Development Agency of Mongolia), Atsuyoshi Yamazaki (CEO of TBM), D.Sumiyabazar (Mongolia Minister of Mines and Heavy Industry)

■ background
Companies must respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and address the plastic issue. In 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, TBM completed the first plant (Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture) to produce the new material LIMEX. In Plug and Play, one of the three accelerators in Silicon Valley, we won the “World’s Most Social Impact Company – Social Impact Award” throughout the year, strengthened joint development and partnerships, and introduced LIMEX products to more than 4,500 companies . In Japan, restaurants nationwide such as Yoshinoya, Gusto and Sushiro have introduced LIMEX products as an alternative to paper. Printed materials are being planned, such as menu sheets, official maps distributed at the Tokyo Marathon, official brochures for the Brussels Sustainable Development Goals Summit and Nomura Institute’s Sustainability Handbook. In addition, as global plastic regulations continue to strengthen, as an alternative to plastic bags, “Bio LIMEX Bag” with limestone as the main raw material was used as a garbage bag at the G20 Osaka Summit, and it has become a bag that is also used in clothing stores nationwide. . It is also introduced as a package for (shoppers) and local government events. In December last year, he participated in COP24 (the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) held in Poland as a Japanese government delegation. In June this year, we participated in the G20 Innovation Exhibition at the G20 Energy Transition and Sustainable Growth Global Environment Ministerial Conference. Currently, LIMEX attracts attention with more than 500 inquiries from all over the world.

■ Overview
LIMEX is a new material that uses limestone as the main raw material and can replace paper and plastics. It can be manufactured in Mongolia, which lacks the water resources needed for papermaking and relies on imports of forests, oil and plastics. It is possible to create new industries and employment opportunities. Mongolia is a country rich in mineral resources. Mongolian-origin limestone is used to produce LIMEX sheets (making LIMEX sheets into films) as a substitute for paper, and LIMEX pellets (LIMEX pellets) as a substitute for plastics. We aim to contribute to the economic development of Mongolia by manufacturing and selling paper substitute products and plastic substitute products. In addition, LIMEX can efficiently produce LIMEX pellets from used LIMEX products (as limestone is less susceptible to thermal deterioration), enabling upcycling while reducing environmental impact. By building a LIMEX upcycling model with high environmental performance in Mongolia, we aim to build a leading model of circular economy that can be deployed globally while taking into account environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.

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■ Basic agreement details
TBM, Limex Mongolia and Mongolian National Development Agency will promote the following initiatives to fully develop the LIMEX business in Mongolia.
・Conducted a feasibility study on establishing a new factory for LIMEX panels using Mongolian limestone.
・Test sales at a local plastic molding factory in Mongolia to manufacture and sell LIMEX.
・Consider infrastructure development and policy support to implement circular models by collecting and upgrading LIMEX and standardization of LIMEX.

[Limex Mongolia Co., Ltd.]
Chair: Mr. Tsogtbaatar Shagdar
Headquarters: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Established: 2019
Business Description: Limestone mining in Mongolia.

(Mongolian National Development Agency)
Director: Mr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch
Address: Government Building, 5/1 Mongolia Street, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar
Tel: +976-11-320706
Fax: +976-11-324076
Overview: The Prime Minister’s Office is directly under the government agency, and its main responsibilities include formulating and implementing national investment plans, attracting and supporting foreign direct investment, formulating and implementing franchise and PPP policies.

■ About the new material “LIMEX”
(What is LIMEX?)
・LIMEX is an inorganic filler dispersion composite material, which contains more than 50% of inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate, and is a new material originating from Japan.
・ In 2013, it was selected as the “Subsidy for cutting-edge technology demonstration and evaluation equipment maintenance costs” for the promotion project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s innovation base site selection.
・ Obtained domestic patent in 2014. It is currently registered in more than 30 countries including Japan, China, the United States, and Europe.
・ In 2015, the first LIMEX plant with an annual output of 6,000 tons was completed in Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture.
・ In 2016, the first “Enterprise Society
Receive an Impact Award.
・ In 2017, won the 7th Japan-US Innovation Award Innovation Showcase.
・Participated in COP24 (24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) as a Japanese government delegation in 2018.
・ In 2019, we participated in the “G20 Innovation Exhibition” of the “G20 Ministerial Conference on Energy Transition and Global Environmental Sustainability” hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment.

(as an alternative to paper)
・Usually, about 20 trees and about 85 tons of water are needed to produce 1 ton of plain paper, but LIMEX does not use wood or water as raw materials, but uses 0.6 to 0.8 tons of limestone and about 0.2 to 0.4 tons of polyolefin. It can be produced 1 ton of LIMEX paper substitute (LIMEX sheet).
*In the domestic paper industry, we not only cut down trees, but also plant trees overseas.
* When disposing of used LIMEX paper replacement products, please dispose of them as burnable waste. (Do not send to the waste paper collection point)

(as an alternative to plastic)
・In the past, 100% of the raw materials for plastics were petroleum-derived resins, but LIMEX uses limestone as the main raw material, which can greatly reduce the amount of petroleum-derived resins used.
・ LIMEX is composed of petroleum-derived resins with limestone as the main raw material, but released Bio LIMEX products (bag replacement products) that replaced petroleum-derived resins with plant-derived resins.
・ The main raw material is limestone with low unit price, so it is price-competitive.
・It is possible to manufacture LIMEX plastic molded products (processing LIMEX pellets) using recycled materials such as LIMEX printed materials. (LIMEX upgrade cycle)

(limestone reserves as a resource)
・ 100% self-sufficient resources in Japan. There are abundant reserves all over the world, which are almost inexhaustible.

■ TBM Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Atsuyoshi Yamazaki
Head Office: 2-7-17-6F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: 2011
Capital: 10.7448 billion yen (including capital reserve) / as of February 2019
Business Outline: Development, manufacture and sales of LIMEX and LIMEX products

*Company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
*The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.


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