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Shirley Le is a Vietnamese-Australian and author of Interesting Peoples. As a child, Shirley grew up watching politicians on screen promote harmful statements and say things like Australia was “overwhelmed by Asians”. In cities like Yaguna and Bankstown, she didn’t always feel like she belonged. She is often referred to as a “minority,” which further stigmatizes her as an outsider. That’s why she reused the word in the title of her book. “I’m excited to be able to take on the role of storyteller.” Today, she is an important and authentic voice because of a core revolt: She speaks from her community, not for it. Director Andrew Yee Producer Andrew Yee Chris Yee Editor Andrew Yee Director of Photography Kaan Cansiz Sound Andrew Yee Assistant Editor Rendy Abi Chief Editor Keshia Hannam Production Supervisor Stephanie Tangkilisan Producer Yudistira Dilianzia Post Production Coordinator Skolastika Lupitawina Color Nadya Shabrina Sound Ernesto Suarez Additional Music Le on Laudenbach – Pirate Blues Free Walking Trio – In the Corner Shahead Mostafafar – Purple Drop Lalinea – Ziv Greenberg’s Calm – The Joy of Raw Cats – Pointless Bunker Busters – Arak Elite Kicktracks – Fat Banana Additional Archival Material Guardian, Shirley Le’s Interesting Ethical Commentary – Second Generation Immigrants Struggle with Desire and Belonging, (2023) Good Reads, Interesting Race, (2023) West Australian , Book Review: Shirley Le’s Funny Ethics takes a poignantly humorous look at identity, racism and growing up, (2023) rtrfm, Shirley Le’s Funny Nation is not your usual coming-of-age story, (2023) The Sydney Morning Herald, “sharp, bold and visceral”. Debut novel on immigration and racism, (2023) Readings, Shirley Le’s Interesting Ethics, (2023) Pauline Hanson Declares the Abolition of Multiculturalism, (1996) Pauline Hanson’s First Lecture: Is Australia ‘Inundated with Asians’? , (2016) Macquarie University, Macquarie University Campus Tour, (2021) Hunger Passport, Vietnam Travel Guide 2023 – (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.), 2022 Sweatshops, Sweatshop Women on Drums, (2020) Special thanks to Sweatshop Literacy Campaign Michael Mohamed Ahmed Winnie Dunn Rosana Hunt Benjamin Raubi Dead Book better read Kinokuniya

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