Seychelles Tourism Minister interviewed by Tourismes.TV during Top Resa 2013


Alain St.Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles, was invited to broadcast live on Tourism.TV as one of the VIP guests of Top Resa Travel Fair in France

Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles Alain St.Ange was one of the VIPs at France’s Top Resa Travel Fair, and was invited to appear on Tourism.TV for a live interview, mainly around how Seychelles is doing in challenging times, tourism It’s going well.

The Seychelles minister has also been questioned over their sustainable tourism label for the island, which they launched more than a year ago, and their success in not only hosting an annual carnival in the Indian Ocean, but being able to put the event on the calendar of events on the world stage. .

On the issue of the Seychelles sustainable tourism label, Minister Alain St.Ange explained that it is important that everyone in Seychelles is seen as a good custodian of the natural beauty that Seychelles is blessed with. It is time for the private sector to embrace this drive and do what it can to protect island property. “To achieve this, we also need to implement business operating practices that deliver positive results. Encourage our hotels and resorts to help the country by helping themselves, thereby strengthening Seychelles’ tourism industry in the long term” Seychelles Minister St.Ange On Tourismes.TV says

Commenting on Seychelles’ world of activities, the Minister said that while the islands boast the best sun, sea and sand holidays, these unique selling points are no longer enough to keep the destination relevant. “We know our clean white sand beaches are attractive, we know our warm, clean and clear turquoise blue oceans are still attractive, we know our location so close to the equator gives us a climate pattern And the name of the destination with Eternal Summer can really be a sought-after experience, but all these USPs, our unique selling points, our friends from the international media have written and rewritten them over and over again. We need to act to keep Relevance, which is why we decided to take advantage of the diverse cultural assets of our island. Our culture and people have become the basis for the development of our tourism. Through our cultural activities, our tourists get to know our people, which will make us all The personalized tourism strategy we believe in is brought to life. In October, we will host the 28th annual Kreol Festival and, on the last weekend in April, the region’s annual carnival, the Carnaval International de Victoria ), all the most famous carnivals in the world parade together, followed by cultural groups from the international community in an explosion of cultural diversity, color and music. Seychelles can host these events because we are considered a safe and Friendly destination,” said Minister Alain St.Ange.

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