Scottish hero ‘mermaid’ saves drowning tourist in Thailand

A heroic Scottish swimmer dubbed ‘The Mermaid’ has rescued a drowning Spaniard on a beach in Thailand.

Scott Siranat, a dual Thai-Scottish conservationist, spotted the tourist near Koh Hong in Krabi province on Aug. 29 while on patrol with Marine Corps officers waving. Without hesitation, the 25-year-old jumped into the water and paddled. He walked the way of the drowning man.

He grabbed the breathless holidaymaker and dragged him back to safety on shore.

Scott revealed in the video that while he was out with Than Bok Khorani National Park staff, he noticed a group of six tourists wading about 50 meters from the beach.

However, one of them seems to be struggling to make ends meet.

The swimming hero said: “I swam to help him and he grabbed my shoulder as if asking for help. I saw his snorkel was full of water and took it off and pulled him back to shore.

“Glad we got to see him right away. Had it been a bit later, his fate could have been worse.”

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