Say goodbye to knee pain with these yoga poses


Many people end up with some kind of knee discomfort or joint problems. Sports, exercise, and other activities can lead to muscle strains and more serious damage to ligaments and cartilage. Whether you are young or old, any type of injury or lack of movement can lead to excruciating pain. Our knees bear the weight of our entire body, and any discomfort can prevent us from walking or performing our daily activities. Sarvesh Shashi, yoga instructor to Malaika Arora and several other Bollywood celebrities, has some advice on how to combat knee pain.

In a recent Instagram post, Sarvesh Shashi shared three yoga asanas – Baddha Konasana, Tadasana and Trikonasana that can help treat this common ailment. Before demonstrating how to do the poses, he said that while we often think of knee pain as a problem only for older adults, it’s actually experienced by people of all ages. He writes, “Knee pain slowing you down? Let yoga help reduce discomfort and improve mobility for a more active life.”

With the help of Baddha Konasana, the inner thighs, groin area and knees can be strengthened and become more flexible. It also helps stretch the muscles in the area. Mountain pose, on the other hand, promotes better blood circulation and strengthens the core muscles. In addition, it improves posture and coordination of the body. Triangle pose, on the other hand, helps to lengthen the spine and increase stability. It also helps open the hips and shoulders.


The celebrity yoga instructor is known for his advice on using yoga to treat a variety of ailments, which he regularly posts on his Instagram page. A few weeks ago, he shared with us some tips for keeping your lungs functioning healthy. He recommends three asanas: Bhujangasana, Matsyasana and Dhanurasana. Sarvesh Shashi says, “Breathing is life. By practicing these yoga poses, you can improve lung function and overall respiratory health. Do more of these poses for better health.” Asana, pranayama, and meditation can improve lung function.

The yoga poses Sarvesh suggests in the video make it easier to stretch the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and abs. It also helps reduce the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

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First published: March 1, 2023 at 09:00 AM CST

Last updated: March 1, 2023 at 09:00 AM CST


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