Sardar Ranbir Singh in Bali: Tragic loss

Author: Padeep Singh Dardi

News of the sudden death of Sardar Ranbir Singh in Bali has shocked not only the locals in his district but also those in Jammu and Kashmir. Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali, his wife and son were killed in a tragic car accident on the Srinagar-Mughal road on July 9 when the car they were traveling in fell off. into the canyon. He is currently the Finance Director of the Ministry of Forestry, Ecology and Environment. He is from the village of Chandusa, a small village in the Baramulla district of northern Kashmir.

On the night of 9th July, I was sitting with my cousin when suddenly a friend of mine (officer from J&K police station) called me and told me that he had sent me a photo of the Adhaar card of the person in the photo The address mentions the village of Chandoosa. Baramulla. He asked me if I knew the guy and told me to look it up. I looked it up and replied “I know this guy well”.

What the police told me afterwards broke me down and I couldn’t utter a word for the next few minutes.

The day before this unfortunate incident, my mother and I had traveled to the village of Chandusa for an event there. There I met him (Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali Ji) after a long time as we did in other occasions.

He exchanged pleasantries very politely and asked about my health and that of my family. Afterwards he asked about my current activities. He appreciates my efforts and ideas for the people. For almost 30 minutes we discussed many things and finally we said we will meet in Jammu. But I don’t know that this will be our last discussion in this world.

Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali (Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali) faced many difficulties since he was a child. Through hard work, he obtained the position of financial director of the Ministry of Forestry, Ecology and Environment. When Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali passed the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Services (JKAS) exam, it was not an easy task for all to qualify for the exam especially For those from remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir as their offices do not have basic facilities. Rural areas also lack financial support for learning.

Despite his position and power, he is a very polite and kind person. He never showed the attitude of his chair. He treats children like children, youth like youth, and elders like his own parents.

Whenever he saw me on the side of the road, he would stop the car to say hello and ask about my family. He never ignored my calls and whenever he saw my missed call he would call back. Whenever I ask him to do something that benefits the people in my area, he does it right away.

One of the things he inspires me about is how deeply connected he is to his roots and his people. Despite his different positions, he never forgot the soil of Chandusa village. He was always present in Chandoosa’s activities from childhood to adulthood. He treats everyone equally, rich and poor alike.

In this unforgettable event, we lost a great and honest officer. The residents of Chandusa village lost their great land sons and the young people of the village lost their mentors. After a few days in Chandusa, normal life will resume, but only Sardar Ranbir Singh Bali will never return to his village.

To Sardar Ranbir Singh in Bali, I would like to dedicate these two lines:

Hazaren Sar Nargis Apni Benori Pe Roti Hai

Badi Mushkil Say Hote Hai Chaman Mein Deedawar Paida”

With numb eyes, I bid farewell to the noble soul. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant his family the patience to bear this irreparable loss.

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