Salt Lake City has 6 sister cities

Salt Lake City has 6 sister cities

Salt Lake City(ABC4) — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall hosted a delegation from Matsumoto, Japan, including Mayor Yoshinao Gaun, over the weekend to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the sister city relationship.

. Sister cities can help lead communities toward global integration and support each other through new technology, trade, humanitarian aid, educational exchange programs, and more.

The relationship between Salt Lake City and Matsumoto began in 1958 and is the first and oldest of Salt Lake City’s six active sister city relationships. The other five sister cities are Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and Peru.

Read below to learn more about Salt Lake City’s six sister cities:

Japan Matsumoto

Matsumoto is an inland city in Japan in Nagano Prefecture, about 140 miles northwest of Tokyo.According to the city’s official website, the city has a Population about 235,891 From 1 July 2023.

Nestled at the foot of the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and offers visitors a wealth of attractions. Japanese cuisine, hiking, hot springs and shopping are just a few of the things to do in this city.Matsumoto too Matsumoto CastleThis over 500-year-old castle was designated as a “National Treasure of Japan,” one of five castles to receive this designation.

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Keelung, Taiwan

Salt Lake City’s sister city, Keelung, is just 14 miles northeast of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. As of 2015, Keelung City Population 372,355. The city is rich in culture, with several beautiful coastal hikes and trails, historic forts, temples and colorful festivals.

Keelung also has a number of local bakeries, pastry shops and food stores serving Taiwanese delicacies. Near Dianji Palace is the Keelung Night Market, packed with food and drink vendors. The city’s website says the Keelung Night Market has “the largest variety of cuisine in all of Taiwan,” including year-round delicacies, snacks and delicacies, each with its own flavor and history.

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Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Ukraine calls its city of Chernivtsi one of the country’s most multinational cities and one of its cultural capitals.Founded in the 12th century, the city is about 255 miles southwest of Kiev and features 600-year-old buildings and Population over 240,000.

Chernivtsi is an architectural museum with majestic halls and beautiful frescoes.this city ​​website Highlights gardens and buildings chernivtsi state university, claiming it earned the nickname “Ukrainian Hogwarts”. Chernivtsi is also known for Olha Kobylianska Street, a picturesque pedestrian street lined with restaurants, cafés and souvenir shops.

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Izhevsk, Russia

About 807 miles east of Moscow is Salt Lake City’s sister city, Izhevsk. The city is the capital of the Udmurt Republic and is a large industrial, cultural and scientific center, Population over 650,000 people.

Izhevsk is famous for its AK series of rifles produced during World War II. Assault rifle designer Mikhail Kalashnikov reportedly designed the rifle in Izhevsk, making him an honorary citizen and resident of the city.As such, the city has several museums and historical attractions for tourists to visit, including St. Michael’s Cathedral In 2007, 70 years after it was destroyed, it was restored.

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Turin, Italy

Turin, or Turin, Italy is the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy.Turin is located in the northwestern corner of the country, near the Italian and French borders, and has Population over 900,000.

Turin was the first capital of Italy after it became a unified country and before moving its capital to Rome. The city offers a wealth of resources for all walks of life.global football powerhouse Juventus It attracts fans from all over the world to its stadium.Perhaps most famously, Turin is famous for its chocolates and hostess annual chocolate festival November. Turin produces 85,000 tons of chocolate, about 40 percent of the country’s total, according to the city’s website.

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Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo is one of Salt Lake City’s smaller sister cities, The population is about 90,000 people. Trujillo is on the west coast, about 345 miles north of Lima.according to Encyclopaedia BritannicaTrujillo is the second oldest Spanish city in Peru.

This colorful city has beautiful beaches, incredible architecture and museums.trujillo is known as Peruvian National Dance – Marinera, and there are quite a few cultural events, celebrations and festivals. Trujillo also offers explorers an excellent base from which to explore nearby pre-Inca archaeological sites, Chimu. In the city center is the magnificent “La Libertad” monument. Made of marble and copper, the monument commemorates the area where Trujillo lived.

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