RPP top leader meets former King Gyanendra Shah in Japa


Former king Gyanendra Shah with the top leader of the Rastriya Prajatantra party in Japa, Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Photo: Dhawal Shamsher Rana/Facebook

Kathmandu, March 22

The top leader of the royalist Rastriya Prajatantra party met former King Gyanendra Shah in Damak, Japa on Wednesday.

RPP general secretary Dhawal Shamsher Rana posted several photos of the meeting on his social media.

Rana said they touched on contemporary political issues. Additional details of the discussions were not released.

The meeting was attended by RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden, Rana and leaders Prakash Chandra Lohani and Rabindra Mishra among others.


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