ROTH BART BARON “BEAR NIGHT4” full picture released, pre-live video premiere


All performers of ROTH BART BARON’s sponsored event “BEAR NIGHT 4” to be held at Hibiya Park Open-air Hall in Tokyo on July 16 (Sunday) have been announced.

In addition to Goto Shofumi (Asian Kungfu Generation), Sasaki Ryosuke (Torrent), and Thailand’s Safeplanet announced in the first issue, the classic DJ Mizuno Aoi will also appear as the opening DJ. In addition, in this performance called “ROTH BART BARON Special Formation”, in addition to the familiar members, there are chorus and keyboard player Ryu (Matsuyama Dragon), chorus KOTETSU, vibraphone and percussion Emilio Ovani, guitar Hand Kitajima Yuichi. This year’s Javon Performance will be themed “Singing Field” and will be dedicated to “chorus and singing” in this world where singing is finally possible.

Since last year, the ROTH BART BARON band community “PALACE” volunteer team is carrying out various projects such as venue decoration and production, audience gift planning, venue management, and limited merchandise. Tickets will go on sale to the public on Saturday, June 17.

Lord Rothbart

In addition, at 21:00 on Saturday, June 17, the live video of “BEAR NIGHT 3” that last year participated by Nakamura Kaho, Kakunodate Kengo, and Mori-sama will premiere on YouTube.

【Event Information】

Bear Night Vis1 red digital small
Ross Bart Barron, “Night of the Bears 4”
Date and time: July 16, 2023 (Sun) OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 / END 20:15
Venue: Tokyo Hibiya Park Open Air Concert Hall
Price: General 7,700 yen / Student 3,300 yen
Masaya Mifune – vocals, guitar
Tatsuya Nishike – keyboard
Kitajima Yuichi|Kitajima Yuichi – Guitar
Zach Croxall – bass
Akira Kudo|Akira Kudo – drums
Yuma Takeuchi – trumpet
Masanobu Ota – trombone
Ryu|Ryu (Matsuyama Dragon) – chorus, keyboard
Iron Iron – Chorus
Emilio Buonanni – vibraphone, percussion

Masafun Goto|Masafumi Goto – lead singer, guitar (Asian Kung Fu Generation)
Ryosuke Sasaki|Ryosuke Sasaki – lead singer, guitar (a large circle)
Safeplanet|Safeplanet (from Thailand)
Mizuno Aoi|Mizuno Aoi – Classic DJ

Key visual: Claudia Schramke
Katana: Claudia Schramke

*Chairs and free seats
*Free for 1 person under elementary school students
*Student tickets need to show student ID upon admission

■ “BEARNIGHT4” special site

Baron Rothbart official website


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