Republican Biden attacks ad featuring attacks on Taiwan – Taiwan News in English

The Republican Party yesterday released a video ad featuring artificial intelligence-generated images of China attacking the city of Taipei, as well as scenes of economic and social catastrophe, warning Americans not to vote for Joe Biden in the next presidential election.

The ad, titled “Beat Biden,” opened with images of a victorious Biden and Kamala Harris and asked the question, “What if our weakest president ever was re-elected?” The scene then cuts to an image of a Chinese warplane, the Taipei 101 building tipping over, and a huge bomb hitting downtown Xinyi. A news voiceover announced that “this morning, brave China invaded Taiwan.”

The ad then showed bank closures, an influx of immigrants on the U.S. southern border, and the closure of San Francisco due to a surge in crime and a fentanyl crisis.

Forbes “This ad could be a new milestone in political campaigning,” noted the first ad to use images generated solely by artificial intelligence technology.

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