Registration of 14 domestic worker occupations under the WPS is optional

Registration of 14 domestic worker occupations under the WPS is optional

Registration of domestic workers in the Wage Protection System (WPS) is optional for 14 occupations, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) said today, adding that only five occupations are required to register with the system.

Beginning April 1, wages for five occupations under the domestic worker category—private agricultural engineer, personal public relations officer (PRO), personal healthcare provider, private tutor, and personal trainer—must be transferred through WPS.

However, the ministry defines 14 domestic worker occupations for which employers can decide whether to register them in the WPS – housemaid, sailor, security guard, family shepherd, family horse groomer, family falcon trainer, animal trainer, physical Laborers, housekeepers, cooks, nanny/nanny, farmers, gardeners and personal drivers.

The MoHRE called on employers to expedite the registration of targeted domestic workers with the WPS, “as part of the Ministry’s efforts to develop a network of services available to employers to meet their requirements and needs, in line with legislation governing domestic workers.”

The Ministry emphasized that the Wage Protection System “provides innovative solutions that enable employers to pay wages in the simplest and most convenient way, record wage payments, and enhance electronic security in the payment process. This contributes to the stability of contractual relationships , while also keeping the ministry informed about wage-related data, reducing wage-related labor disputes and providing a safe working environment for domestic workers.”

Employers can benefit from the Payroll Protection System by registering with the system and entering into contracts with financial institutions (banks or money changers) authorized by the Central Bank of the UAE to provide services.

Filed a wage-related labor dispute, was reported absenteeism based on an absconding report, was on unpaid leave (documentation duly submitted to MoHRE), and was excluded from the Paycheck Protection System within the first 30 days of the wage due date .

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