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Hoshino Resorts, by having a flat and mature organizational culture, promotes the creation of a work environment in which employees can maintain high motivation. In the food and beverage department, chefs can choose their own career path, offering “regional food master course” to explore regional food culture and “chef management course” aiming to become a chef in the shortest distance. Hoshino Group, which is trying to build such a unique system, what kind of awareness and belief does the food and beverage department have when recruiting personnel? We asked Mr. Shunichi Kajikawa, Executive Chef in charge of F&B, the points he emphasizes when recruiting new graduates and mid-careers.

  • Hoshino Resorts Co., Ltd.
    Food and Beverage Executive Executive Chef

    Mr. Shunichi Kajikawa

    <簡介> Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1966. In 1993, he became the youngest winner in the history of the Japan Sommelier Competition, and in 1994 he won the fifth place in the world at the Paris International Sommelier Competition. Joined Hoshino Resorts in 1999. In 2000, he concurrently served as the general manager and executive chef of the catering department. Committed to the creation of novel foods and the dissemination of food culture, such as implementing food education methods and holding confectionary expos. In 2006, he was appointed as Executive Chef, in charge of catering for the entire Hoshino Resorts.

Adult Literacy, Not Cooking

▶Please tell us about the recruitment status of Hoshino Resorts Culinary Department.

Twenty-two new graduates have been identified for 2023 to join the culinary department, but recruitment continues, so the final number may increase. When the infection situation of the new coronavirus was severe, the number of applicants tended to increase because all accommodation facilities stopped recruiting, but now as the epidemic enters the next stage, recruitment activities have started again. As a result, I have the impression that competition in the human resources market will intensify.

Regarding the recruitment of fresh graduates, we basically adopt the form of collective recruitment of the entire Hoshino Group group, but in addition, some offices also conduct recruitment. Some students want to work in facilities in each region, so we are promoting local recruitment while maintaining strong links with schools with which we have longstanding relationships.

▶ How is the recruitment process?

First, you will be asked to submit an entry form and we will conduct a document screening. For successful applicants, the first interview will be with a team member including myself. Candidates who pass the first interview will be called for a second interview by the Executive Chef, General Services Manager or General Manager of the facility to which they are scheduled to be assigned.

▶What is the most important thing in recruitment?

What I look at is not their cooking skills, but whether they have the qualities they should have as a member of society. Most of the applicants are culinary school graduates, but their culinary skills have improved after working. That’s why I don’t consider hiring technically skilled fresh graduates.

On the contrary, in order to improve technically after starting work, we believe that comprehension and communication skills of the language communicated in the workplace are necessary. In other words, unless you have the basic literacy as a member of society, it is difficult for you to stand on the starting line.

▶What is the difference from secondary vocational recruitment?

In the case of mid-career hiring, we emphasize the values ​​the person possesses, not skills. This person’s values ​​must match those of Hoshino Corporation.

Both values ​​and aspirations are important, but hiring a chef is weighted slightly differently than hiring a kitchen staff. After all, those who become chefs have higher aspirations.

“I wanted to delve deeper into the local food culture.”
people are becoming more and more aware

▶Has there been any change in applicant trends before and after COVID-19?

I don’t think the impact of the coronavirus has changed anything, but I do believe that different generations are changing what they look for in the workplace. Especially in the past five or six years, the number of students who want to understand the local food culture has increased significantly. I feel like people are increasingly eager to discover local ingredients, interact with local producers, and gain a deeper understanding of local food culture. In addition, the number of people who want to acquire comprehensive skills in addition to culinary skills is also increasing.

The above is about fresh graduate applicants, but I think corona is affecting mid-career applicants a lot. The voice of “I want to work in a stable workplace” is of course getting stronger and stronger.

Candidates’ honest opinions obtained from recruitment interviews are important information to us. The reason I always join one of the interviewers and not rely on others is because I need to hear it with my own ears.

▶In the context of the corona crisis, are there more and more mid-career employees in the mid-career market who want to switch from street restaurants to the hotel culinary sector?

I don’t think much has changed from restaurants in town to hotels. I think the trend that has become apparent due to COVID-19 is that people want to move from workplaces where jobs and compensation systems are unclear to workplaces where jobs and compensation systems are clear. Unlike in the past, today there is no longer a clearly defined hotel and an ill-defined street restaurant. There are also many private restaurants with excellent business sense in the city, and the difference between the two may be disappearing.


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