Reasons to Visit Goa During Monsoon Season

There is so much to see in India during the monsoon season. In fact, Goa is one of the best monsoon resorts in India. So yes, you can still visit Goa during monsoon season.

With the exception of the rainy season (which is the low season), Goa sees a fairly high number of tourists throughout the year. With its sparsely populated beaches, rain-soaked greenery, the best seafood, cheaper accommodation and the lowest airfares, Goa is a must-see for budget travelers during the monsoons.

Here’s what you need to know why you should travel to Goa during the monsoon

Goa beaches are less crowded

For those seeking solitude in nature, Goa is a must-visit monsoon destination. Unlike other times of the year, Goa’s beaches are much less crowded, offering plenty of peaceful spaces. It goes without saying that the monsoon season is the best time to visit Goa if you want to get away from the crazy reveling crowds.

Goa’s beaches quieter during monsoon

Cheap accommodation in Goa

Expensive accommodation during high season in Goa puts off many budget-conscious travelers. Many resorts and hotels offer cheaper accommodation during this period, making it one of the reasons to visit Goa in the off-season. Also, you don’t need to look for affordable accommodation as most hotels offer discounts during the monsoon to lure travelers. Even, you can enjoy the luxury of a four- or five-star hotel at an unbelievably low price.

Cheap flights to Goa

For those who struggle to afford airfare during high season, the monsoon season is the best time to visit Goa. With low traffic, many airlines are offering cheap fare deals to sell off seats on off-season flights. Many international travel agencies such as Indian Eagle book cheap flights to Goa through US and Canadian airlines for monsoon travel.

goa photography

Mouthwatering food

Goa is a visual treat for photographers during the rainy season. Its monsoon beauty is irresistible. The landscape of Goa presents different shades of nature and is perfect for photography. Fresh greenery, rain-soaked beaches and rain-washed landscapes are some of the blessings of nature captured in Goa.

Mouthwatering seafood is one of the reasons to visit Goa during monsoons. Most of the season’s best tasting Goan seafood delicacies are now available at affordable prices too. Without a doubt, Goa is one of the best monsoon destinations for foodies.

monsoon festival in goa

Goa Carnival and Sunburn Festival are not the only festivals in Goa. Goans also celebrate some festivals during this time. The Sao Joao Festival celebrated every June is one of the most popular festivals in Goa. What makes the celebration interesting is a group of men jumping into the village well to whip out a few bottles of the local drink, Feni, an offbeat activity. St. Peter and Paul’s Day is another celebration in June.

Hopefully, if monsoon is the best time to visit Goa, there is no doubt about it. Air India and Jet Airways operate flights from the US to Goa. Gulf airlines such as Oman Air, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines also fly to Goa. Search Skyscanner for different flights.

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