Rare Counter-Strike Skin With iBUYPOWER Stickers For $210,000

There are thousands of bids for one of the rarest skins with the rarest stickers. (Photo: Valve,

Some Counter-Strike Global Offensive Players have once again pocketed a fortune in an auction for one of the most valuable skins in the game, with a top bid of $210,000.

The auction was hosted by one of the most popular skin collectors, “zipeL”, who also sold an AK-47 hardfacing skin and a knife for $500,000.

The factory new M4A4 Howl StatTrack has four iBUYPOWER Holo stickers from the 2014 EMS One Katowice Major, and while they match the color of the weapon perfectly, collectors seek them for reasons beyond aesthetics.

iBUYPOWER Holo stickers are some of the rarest in the game, partly because they have been linked to iBUYPOWER’s match-fixing scandal.

These sold for over $67,000 on another Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skin sales platform, CSGOSKINS.GG.

Controversy aside, the extremely low float (0.004830657970160) of this M4A4 Howl suggests that its skin is almost new, free from scratches and blemishes.

zipeL regular sale counter strike Creates skins through Steam Workshop, and is the co-founder of Skinbid, a marketplace and auction site for Counter-Strike skins and items.

The highest bidder’s name is “The Patriarch”, and if you check out his Steam profile and item inventory, you’ll find that this bidder has some mouth-watering in-game items, including three AWP Dragon Lore, two AK-47 Vulcan, an M4A4 Howl , and an M9 Bayonet Crimson Web Knife.

Players can obtain a variety of weapon skins by opening in-game crates (also known as loot boxes). The cosmetic items you receive from these chests range from common to extremely rare, and you can recoup your investment by selling them on the Steam Marketplace.

With the arrival of Counter-Strike 2, the market price of these skins has increased by 10 times or more, because they can be carried over to the new game.

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