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On October 25, the Rakuten Group announced “Rakuten Group Household Support Techniques 2022,” proposing smart ways to use Rakuten Travel and other services.

The company has developed more than 70 services including Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Travel, and has formed its own ecosystem (economic zone) centered on Rakuten Points. The more services you use, the higher the point return rate. .

Prices of all kinds of goods have gone up this fall, with households spending an average of 14,673 yen more per month, according to a July survey by Rakuten Insight. To survive this situation, it is clear that consumers are using coupons and buying in bulk when prices are lower.

Therefore, the company recommends that you accumulate points by taking advantage of events such as “Rakuten Super SALE” and “Shopping Marathon” held by Rakuten Ichiba, as well as the point return service Rakuten Rebates.

At Rakuten Travel, since 2019, the use of the “Eco Plan” that reduces accommodation costs by omitting continuous accommodation cleaning during the corona crisis has doubled and is beneficial for shorter stays. It is said that “short-term stay”, which is a reasonable fee, has also increased by 1.7 times.


Natsuki Awa, Rakuten Group Commerce Company EC Public Relations Section

“There’s a tendency to be wise to choose plans that include only essential items, counting down from how they travel,” says Natsuki Awa, EC Publicity Department, Commerce Company. I recommend going.

In addition, there is a plan to return Rakuten points more than 10 times. For example, if the travel price is 30,000 yen and you get 10% points, you can get 3,000 yen worth of Rakuten points. might have”

In the company, “1. Use favorable activities and services when shopping and traveling.” “2. Review fixed costs.” The four basic ways to save money are: Take countermeasures and save money by eating everything instead of throwing it away . Rakuten Card, Rakuten Pay, Rakuten Check, Rakuten It is also attractive that you can get 5 points by combining services such as Pasha.


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