Putting Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble on hold is good news

I’m glad the government decided pause Travel bubble with Singapore. I’ve been uncomfortable with the idea since the discussions with Singapore. In my opinion, the risk is too great. Tracking cases in a community of 7.4 million is difficult enough; adding another 5.7 million is absurd.
The situation appears to have stabilized, but all that is needed is 1 untraceable case of Covid-19 Another wave will begin. Bottom line, travel bubbles aren’t necessary at all.

I know a travel bubble can help the economy, but people’s lives are definitely more important than money. We should focus on stopping the spread of the virus completely, otherwise the epidemic will never end.

I’m relieved that this travel bubble has been put on hold due to the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in Singapore. At least in Hong Kong, we are preventing additional stress and Covid-19 risk.

Maisie Yan, Kwai Chung


What do we know so far about the variants of Covid-19?

What do we know so far about the variants of Covid-19?

Better monitoring of Covid-19 testers needed

On May 18th, I was tested for Covid-19 on the 12th day of hotel quarantine. This is my second test during quarantine (the first was on day 7). I politely asked the nurse if she could be gentle with me – she had been very aggressive during the previous test, digging deep into my throat while taking the swab, which bothered me all day.

I had the same swab test twice before in Hong Kong, one at the testing center in Yau Ma Tei and one at the airport upon arrival, it was completely painless. The nurse denied my request, interrupted me, and rather rudely told me not to tell her how to do her job. Naturally, the conversation got a little heated at that point, as she refused to even listen to what I had to say.

To end the conversation and move on, she told me that I had to get tested for Covid-19 “now” or she would call the Ministry of Health and take me to an isolation centre. It’s not a good feeling to be threatened. The Ministry of Health needs to better monitor staff who come in to do the testing.

Public confidence depends on testing labs showing correct results

There have been complaints in the media and on the Internet that employees receive training for quarantine personnel, but neither the testing agency nor the relevant departments seem to have taken any measures.

What was the result of my simple request to the nurse? She got back on me and took twice as long to do the test and not only did my throat feel uncomfortable all day, but so did my nostrils. After that test, tears rolled down my cheeks.

Ajay Sheila, Ho Man Tin

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