Provide AR glasses “XREAL Air” for the second demonstration experiment of “JRE Empty Hands Travel”! |Press Release of Japan Xreal Co., Ltd.


Japan’s Xreal Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Masamin Lu / Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which develops and sells AR (Augmented Reality) glasses, released a rental application “Alice.style”. We have decided to provide XREAL Air for the second demonstration experiment of “JRE Hands-Free Travel” provided by Peace Tech Lab Co., Ltd. (President: Rieko Muramoto, hereinafter referred to as “Peace Tech Lab”).

On June 5, JR East Startup Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Shibata, hereinafter referred to as “JR East Startup”), JR For, a subsidiary of JR East, announced that they will cooperate with Peace Tech Lab forms capital and business alliance to develop station-based commodity sharing service.

On the “Travel Day” on May 16, Xreal Japan released the “XREAL Air” sunglasses-type wearable device, which weighs about 79g and has a large 130-inch display, which is very convenient for business trips and travel. We held an event to test ride the Shinkansen. By actually using them on a train running at high speed, it will be a very valuable opportunity for you to experience the pleasure of viewing images and videos in person during business trips and travels. I am.

◆Summary of “JRE Hands-Free Travel” Demonstration Experiment

Period: February 1, 2023 (Monday) to September 30, 2023 (Sun) ※Extended

Location: Tokyo Station (luggage storage/drop-in counter in front of the Shinkansen south transfer gate), Sendai Station (drop-off counter) delivery and return support

Business hours:[Tokyo Station]Temporary luggage storage in front of the Shinkansen south transfer ticket gate 9:00-21:00 (delivery counter 6:00-24:00)

◆About the “JRE Empty Hands Travel” service update

① You can return to the locker at the station!

From June 2023, drop-off lockers at stations can be returned. In the past, we had to ask customers to pick up and return items at the counter.

*Please check website for locker pickup and return times.

②Update product lineup and usage!AR glasses that enhance travel time are also available

Initially, we started a demonstration experiment of the product lineup that was assumed to be used when moving, but we wanted to use products such as “I want to use products that are hot now” and “I want to try products that are already popular” I think every day . “Based on these opinions, we have updated the product lineup and usage. We have newly adopted AR glasses (Xreal Air) of XREAL Air, hoping to propose a more flexible and diverse way to spend time, even while on the move .It is a near-future gadget that allows you to enjoy movies and the Internet on a big screen in a time and space accompanied by motion. Please take this opportunity to experience it.

■ Binoculars, AR glasses, action cameras, bone conduction earphones

up to 3 hours

up to 6 hours

up to 12 hours

up to 24 hours

up to 48 hours

up to 72 hours

800 yen

1,280 yen

1,780 yen

2,480 yen

3,480 yen

4,480 yen

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What is “JRE Hands-Free Travel”?
This is a service that the JR East Group is working to realize light rail travel. We have been conducting demonstration experiments until late May 2023 as a rental service that rents out and returns convenience items that can be used during station travel or business trips.will expand to

Please see below for the specific service content of “JRE Hands-free Travel”.


◆ About Peace Tech Lab Co., Ltd.

Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating a society that provides equal experience through commodity lending”, we are working to strengthen business cooperation and develop new products using our own shared platform. In order to solve various social issues surrounding “things”, we are working hard to build a social infrastructure to realize SDGs.

Location: 2-21-1 Shibuya Hikarie 8F MOV, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Representative Director and President Riko Muramoto

Established: June 2016

Business Outline: Development and operation of the item rental and lending app “Alice.style”

Development and operation of “Alice.style TRAVEL”, an empty-handed travel business

Company URL: https://peaceteclab.co.jp/

About JR East Startup Co., Ltd.

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JR East Startup Co., Ltd. is a corporate venture that promotes co-creation between the JR East Group and startups.

Location: Tokyo Yard Building 7F, 2-21-42 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and President Hiroshi Shibata
Shareholder: East Japan Railway Company (100%)
Establishment date: February 20, 2018

Investment limit: 5 billion yen
E-mail: info@jrestartup.co.jp

HP: https://jrestartup.co.jp/

About Xreal (formerly Nreal)

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XREAL, previously known worldwide as Nreal, is a fast-growing AR (Augmented Reality) company. We are enabling the next generation of user interaction through hardware and software solutions that blend the physical and digital worlds.

XREAL has revolutionized the augmented reality experience with its AR glasses products “Nreal Air” and “Nreal Light” and its own 3D interactive application “Nebula”. XREAL is working hard every day to develop and popularize AR, aiming to create a world where everyone can use and access AR. Today, XREAL’s AR glasses are being deployed globally and are supported by many partnerships with investors who identify with us and the world’s leading 5G companies.

■ Sales agent (domestic)

Japan Xreal Corporation

Address: 7th Floor, ARA Place Akasaka, 5-4-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

After-sales support: jpas@xreal.com

Transaction inquiries: japan@xreal.com

■ Official website


■ Amazon selling destination


■ SNS (domestic account)


YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7aL5bLuuK0stdPCmmiH2g


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