Promotions by MVA, United Airlines increase Japan travel demand | Business Section

Promotions by MVA, United Airlines increase Japan travel demand | Business Section

Japanese TV travel show “Tabi Salad” filmed in December 2022 at Micro Beach, Saipan. The Destination Awareness Media Promotion is organized by Tourism Mariana Islands and United Airlines, with ad exposure value of $2.7 million for this destination in January 2023.


Japanese TV travel show “Tabi Salad” filmed at the Crowne Plaza Saipan in Garapan, Saipan in December 2022. The Destination Awareness Media Promotion, organized by Tourism Mariana Islands and United Airlines, reached $2.7 million in ad exposure value in January. 2023 for the destination.

(MVA) — Interest in traveling to the Mariana Islands continues to increase among Japanese residents following a series of collaborative promotions between the Mariana Islands Tourism Board and United Airlines.

Since September, United Airlines has operated three flights a week between Narita and Saipan. Most recently, United Airlines partnered with MVA to produce two national travel show “Tabi Salad” in Japan by Asahi Broadcasting Corp. in January 2023, generating $2.7 million in advertising exposure value for the Mariana Islands. The show has a national average rating of 10%.

“The production concept for ‘Tabi Salad’ was originally initiated by United Airlines, and thanks to the MVA’s media presence for the production company and United’s aerial support for the crew, we were able to bring the production to Saipan with great revenue It was revealed through two episodes that aired,” said MVA acting general manager Judy C. Torres. “After the show, we saw a clear increase in inquiries and bookings.”

The official MVA website in Japan receives an average of 1,600-2,000 page views per day. After the first broadcast on January 14, the number of views in a single day was 3,200, and after the second broadcast on January 21, the number of views in a single day was 8,700. United Airlines also reported 500 new bookings to Saipan in the two weeks after the show aired.

“United Airlines is committed to the success of the Narita-Saipan route and we have been working closely with MVA since the route opened last September to raise awareness of tourism to the Northern Mariana Islands in Japan. We understand the impact of this direct service on The importance of residents and how it can support the recovery of the tourism industry,” said Sam Shinohara, United’s general manager of airport operations, Asia Pacific. “We are very pleased with the attention the travel show has brought to the Northern Mariana Islands, and our combined PR and sales team in Japan will continue to look for opportunities to promote the Northern Mariana Islands as a top travel destination.”

United Airlines continues to pursue an aggressive marketing and promotional campaign to generate awareness of the Mariana Islands destination. On February 25, 2023, the inaugural United Airlines Cup will be held at Coral Ocean Resort, Saipan, with players from Japan. Previously, the airline also provided media and travel agents with air transportation throughout August, September and October to gain first-hand experience with destination media coverage and Marianas tourism product development.

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