Promoting Lao Coffee Fair Trade | ANA X Co., Ltd. Press Release

  • In collaboration with the inter-school student group “Drippro”*1 responsible for fair trade coffee, we will introduce the process of making Lao coffee and the thoughts of producers through online guides.

  • The entire city is a world heritage Buddhist city, full of modern and stylish cafes, and we will provide an experience that stimulates the five senses.

  • In the souvenir program, we will deliver Lao coffee of premium variety Arabica Typica operated by Drippro.

ANA X Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi To, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) collaborates with “Drippro”, a tour guide living in Luang Prabang, Laos, and an interschool student group that operates Laos fair trade coffee. The online tour “Experience Laos coffee time at home! ~Enjoy coffee culture in Luang Prabang, the undeveloped Asian region of Laos~” will be available from 14:00 on August 1, 2023 (Tuesday).

Detailed URL:

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Lao coffee, the coffee lovers are secretly talking about, has a rich aroma and beautiful acidity. The local resident guide will introduce you to the people, things and things of Laos, which is also the background of the birth of Lao coffee. In addition, by understanding Drippro’s efforts to connect Lao farms and you, to achieve a real win-win situation for producers and consumers, we will not only understand the taste and aroma of Lao coffee, but also understand various aspects related to SDGs. This is a tour that you can enjoy.

Of course, we also introduce the charm and tourist information of Luang Prabang, a Buddhist city whose entire city is a World Heritage Site, and the sophisticated and trendy cafe culture that can only be learned by taking an online tour.

Why not take this opportunity to experience the charm of Laos?

(delivery date and time)

September 2, 2023 (Saturday) 12:00〜13:15

【application time】

August 1, 2023 (Fire) 14:00 ~ September 1, 2023 (Gold) 23:59

* Customers who apply for a plan with a souvenir, if you apply by 23:59 on August 27 (Sunday), we will mail it to you before the delivery date. Please note that if you apply after Friday, September 1st, you may not be able to mail by the delivery date.


① Visit only: 1480 yen

② Watching + Lao coffee leisure package: 2980 yen

③ Appreciation + authentic Lao coffee set: 4980 yen

(Capacity) ① 100 people ② 50 people ③ 20 people

【Participation conditions】

・On the day of the event, you can watch it through the video distribution service “Penguin*2” that combines “I want to know” and “I want to convey”. New members need to register to use “Penguin”. Please register in advance. Details URL:

・We will use Zoom, so if you do not have the Zoom app, please download it in advance.

・Please participate in a place where the communication environment is stable.


・Depending on the weather and radio wave conditions, the broadcast may be partially changed to a pre-recorded video.

・Please note that due to time constraints, we may not be able to answer all questions during the Q&A time.

*1 The student group “Drippro” is an abbreviation of the student group Fair Trade Drip Pack Project.Dipro“.

This is a student group that develops and sells Lao coffee products.


*2 “penguin” is a video distribution service provided by ANA X. In addition to ANA TRAVELERS ONLINE TOURS and ANA LIVE SHOPPING, we also provide a variety of attractive video content in the field of tourism, travel and life services provided by enterprises and local governments, providing customers with more information they want to know about and what they want to see. We will respond with interest such as “.” There are two types of video watching: live broadcast and on-demand. After watching, you can purchase video-related services and products. In addition to earning ANA Miles by purchasing premium content, you can also use ANA Miles to make payments.

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