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A similar trend can be seen domestically as well. “Leisure travel will recover faster than business travel,” said Yumi Yamaguchi, a non-fiction writer who continues to write about travel and the hospitality industry in various media. “Due to the corona crisis, the number of meetings using Zoom has increased and we understand that business can be done online to a certain extent. However, it is not possible to go somewhere online to refresh oneself. .

You can do business online to a certain extent, but you need to travel for a real refreshment, like forest bathing.

Mr. Yamaguchi pointed out that a new trend that will attract attention in Japan in the future is “jobs”, where people take vacations while working. Japanese executives who used to feel guilty about taking vacations predict that the experience of working remotely due to the corona crisis will change the way they take vacations.

At the same time, although it was increasing a little bit before the corona crisis, the popularity of the corona disaster has become more popular. There is a sense of security and a special feeling that you can have a luxurious space all to yourself, which is impossible in a large accommodation facility where the number of strangers is not limited. Mr. Yamaguchi himself said, “If I’m going on a three-day, two-night trip, I’d like to go to Hayama Fun House.” This is a vacation home that converted a house designed by architect Junzo Yoshimura, and added butler service.

Even during the COVID-19 crisis, our own luxurious spaces such as “Hirado Castle CASTLE STAY Monster Yakura”, which turned the monster Yakura of Hirado Castle in Nagasaki Prefecture into an accommodation facility, became hot topics.

According to Mr Dale, as a global trend, “concierge-style travel services are becoming commonplace, especially for luxury travelers”, with detailed services concentrated in one place.

However, whether overseas travel can really resume is still unknown. Mr Dale, who recently traveled to Mexico from the UK, said, “The process is very simple.” He said that will determine whether there is a travel destination.

By the way, according to the 2021 “Readers’ Choice” list published in the November issue of “Condé Nast Traveler”, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are the top three cities for “travel desire”. By country, Japan ranks behind Portugal and New Zealand.

However, Japan’s border control measures are still strict, and it is difficult to see a rebound in the number of Japanese outbound tourists, let alone overseas outbound travel.

If true travel is unpredictable, we asked Susan Miller, a Western astrologer familiar with the magazine. She then asserted that travel will pick up from 2022 onwards. “Traditionally, long distance travel and higher education have been treated equally in astrology because people learned a lot from different cultures and evolved through travel.” Of course, we cannot predict the future. However, 22 years of growing curiosity about the outside world. The desire to travel will only grow.

Post-corona travel trends! hot topic.

01. The need to relax and refresh will increase.
When comparing business travel and leisure travel, experiencing remote work due to the corona crisis, it turns out that business purposes can be done online. On the other hand, I also learned that I can’t relax and refresh myself online. Therefore, the demand for healing in travel is expected to expand in the future.

02. Job opportunities that balance work and play.
Until now, it has been said that Japanese often feel guilty about having fun, and only a few people take a month off like overseas managers. However, after experiencing telecommuting due to the new crown crisis, it may be possible to stay in a resort for a long time in the future and combine “work” with “vacation”.

03. It’s all up to the concierge.
As accurate information becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, it is increasingly beneficial to seek the help of a professional travel consultant rather than planning a trip yourself. Especially for the luxury traveler, the presence of a concierge that can handle all the details from restaurant to spa reservations is a reliable source.

04. If you think about the earth, think about the ends and the means.
This was a pre-COVID-19 trend, but the pandemic has further accelerated a shift in perceptions of sustainable travel. Considering the dramatic increase in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from flying alone, it is important to consider why and how you travel. There is a clear tendency to prioritize quality over travel quantity.

05. Tenderness and leeway are necessary to prepare for the unexpected.
Realize that you and others have been dulled by the distance traveled. In Japan and overseas, there have been many incidents of setbacks erupting on board aircraft that developed into “air rage” (violence on board). Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Easy itineraries with room to spare are the way of the future.

things to check before going
・We confirm the necessity of vaccination certificate.
・Acquisition of information on infectious disease countermeasures at overseas travel destinations.
・Check the infectious disease prevention measures of the accommodation facility.
・Learn about the rules for returning to Japan and re-entering Japan.

Photo: Jimmy Cohrssen Editors: Mihoko Iida, Mayumi Nakamura


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