Porsche x University of Tokyo will host LEARN with Porsche in 2023! Report on the last two scholarship gatherings-Travel Watch (sponsored)

“LEARN with Porsche” 2021-2022 academic year scholarship students gathered together

The recruitment of participants for LEARN with Porsche 2023 started on June 1st.

“LEARN with Porsche” is a project jointly implemented by Porsche Japan and the Advanced Science and Technology Research Center of the University of Tokyo for junior high school to high school teenagers.

The program brings together young people from all over the country and strives to give them the opportunity to deepen their self-confidence and increase their motivation while developing their abilities according to the best circumstances for each individual. So far, 2021 and 2022 have been held, but the alumni meeting where scholarship students (participants) who participated in the previous two sessions gathered from all over the country was held during the cherry blossom season.

“LEARN” is the origin of “LEARN with Porsche”, deployed in a program led by Taketaka Nakamura, a senior researcher at the Advanced Science and Technology Research Center of the University of Tokyo. It is a place to pursue new learning that is best for each child and put it into practice.

LEARN with Porsche is an initiative of Porsche Japan to share this philosophy. Why does Porsche support young people? You may think that Porsche will continue to support young people who will lead the future with the concept of “Porsche. Dream Together”. Under the concept that there is no distinction between high and low if there is a dream, young people who give up their dreams, young people who lose confidence, and young people who feel that they can’t use their abilities, this modern age is to help those who are hesitant about their dreams and gain confidence. part of the support provided to young people.

The LEARN with Porsche program will be held in the surrounding areas of Tokachi, Hokkaido in the summer of 2021, and in the surrounding areas of Shikoku in the summer of 2022. Details have been reported on Travel Watch. Overcome challenges without knowing it and see the latest Porsche models on the last day. I think that kind of experience and excitement is hard to come by for participants.

Study 2022 with Porsche

・Porsche x University of Tokyo advanced research, a project that stimulates children’s thirst for knowledge.Experience the remaining rice terraces of Uwai in Shikoku, aiming at the bonito fishing port
・The importance of “hands-on experience” in a black-boxed world.Early morning fishing, meeting kids in therapy, taking a ride in the latest Porsche

Scholarship students gain unexpected confidence

Surprised by the growth of the participants, Mr. Nakamura, listening to everyone’s recent reports, said, “I don’t really think about teaching something at LEARN, but I try to do something in new places that come up every day. My position is , participants took full advantage of what was happening in that place. I want people to know that there are adults like that. I want to create a healthy society. It’s okay to have different opinions. I think it’s important to know that different ideas exist.”

The guests at the meeting intertwined their current situation and talked freely about their mentality changes after participating in “LEARN with Porsche”.

Inspired to live alone, able to think positively, “I can take it!” It seems that he was influenced more positively than he thought, such as being able to take on new challenges and enjoy studying for exams.


The real joy of learning lies in trying new things in new places that arise every day.


Participants update each other


Listen to various reports


There are new stimuli in each other’s recent situation

“I think I’ve learned a lot from spending time with people who have different values ​​from exams and exams. I think some people work hard where they don’t fit. Studying is important. If you don’t” If no The basics, even if you get into the university you want to go to, you may not be able to keep up. There is only one purpose for you to go, and that is the college entrance examination. I don’t know what that would be like. “He said.


No need to decide “I have to do this”

Mr. Nakamura half-jokingly invited an aspiring engineer participant, who said he had started moving his body during his education in a technical family, “Let’s restore that old Porsche tractor together.” It’s fun meeting new people while you’re developing your direction. I’m sure one day he’ll want to restore the old engine, not just that tractor, and I think he’ll actually take the plunge.

After experiencing learning with Porsche in Hokkaido, some participants felt the charm and chose a university in Hokkaido. This character must be very attractive. It can be said that it spread to young people and had a considerable influence on their life choices. It’s also a huge influence.

Participants who loved the tank gained a sense of value that “if I don’t adapt to this environment, I want to go to a free place and think deeply about what I found there”. complete. He enthusiastically stated that he prefers tanka to spending time studying at school.

Participants who were hesitant but keen to play music, remember we had a music discussion and enthusiastically asked “Do you guys know a band called INXS?”. Of course I know. I’m a big fan of real time. It is indeed reassuring to see them encounter new music in this way. After the meeting, I enjoyed a bit of rock talk and recommended my experiences in forming bands when I was younger. Anyway, I hope you can bring a new wind to the Japanese rock scene.

Some participants decide to live as musicians, want to honestly start doing something they love, and have no regrets, and after the session, they go home together.

“I don’t know what I want to do in the future, but when I find what I want to do and think about why, I think about the experience I went through with Porsche in LEARN, met all kinds of adults, and it was really impressive. “As the adults involved in the program think about what makes them shine, they realize that it’s a wonderful thing to be proud of the work they love, and think about the future. I can do that,” he said.

“I am very happy to hear this news. It is said that the proportion of Japanese young people who have hope for the future is very low. Isn’t this a world where you can’t say anything?” Nakamura said. That’s the essence of learning with Porsche. The younger players certainly have potential. While respecting autonomy, I wanted to give everyone a chance to take a little bit out. I interpret it as the goal direction of this activity.


Young people have great potential.I actually had hope for the future, but I didn’t realize it, I just couldn’t say

Another impressive thing is that one of the participants told me that “the most memorable thing about learning with Porsche is that I know it’s okay to fail.” He also said: “From now on, I’m going to life.”

In response, Mr. Nakamura slumped his shoulders and said, “Is that so…was someone telling you not to fail?” “Nowadays, everyone thinks too much and thinks they have to be perfect. Yes. That’s why people don’t want to Cause of a broken car. I used to only drive old cars that broke down a lot. It didn’t work very well.” I left and couldn’t make it in time for my flight. Think about what to do there. This is what I do every day. Now, there are many people who cannot bear this irregular trouble. At LEARN, we think it was fun when we were kids. It’s just that everybody’s going through something,” he said unapologetically.

I agree with him that failure is the best thing that can happen, everything starts with failure, and detours are fun. In fact, only after living for a certain period of time, you will find that failure and irregular troubles are the wealth of life. When you’re young and you experience failure and worry, you get caught up in the idea that this is the end of the world. But as long as I’m alive, in hindsight, it’s such a trivial thing that I don’t know what it is. Sometimes it’s okay to lose. Glad you just realized this.

Then this year, LEARN with Porsche will be held again. Registration starts on June 1, and the event is expected to be held from August 21 to 25 (may add 26 days).

This isn’t just a mystery tour. It’s a practical fellowship program that empowers people to realize their potential by ditching their smartphones and harnessing the power of themselves and their friends to solve problems. Of course, parents are not allowed to accompany, and apart from their belongings, nothing is revealed in advance. Except for some meals, the scholarship does not cover transportation and accommodation expenses. Recruitment does not require academic ability, and personal interviews will be conducted after material screening. Also, this year we plan to implement a program for participants who like to make things.

Learn with Porsche

LEARN with Porsche


Then exchange contact information. I will continue to communicate with the group.


Chat enthusiastically with online friends


i can’t stop talking


Even if it is over, the story is not over yet.Two musicians hit it off

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