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Popular with the MZ generation, such as participating in ZICO’s album packaging design! I’m curious about the Korean fashion brand “Bad Blue (배드블루)” ♡ | VENESIS

Introducing the Korean fashion brand “Bad Blue (배드블루)”.


bad blue

“Bad Blue (배드블루)” is a Korean fashion brand developed by the visual direction group “Visual Suspects”.

From fashion to content, characters, music to offline, we aim to create a brand style that young people can enjoy in any genre.

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When Block B and ZICO released their third solo mini-album “RANDOM BOX”, he participated in the packaging and product design!

This time, we will select and introduce recommended items of “Bad Blue”.

maximum amount

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“Badbear Tee” 2 colors / 7,990 yen

The iconic character “BadBear” of “Bad Blue” is different from the teddy bear who only gives comfort and love, and symbolizes the other side of us who have experienced some kind of mistakes and dark history.

This tee featuring his unique “Bad Bear” image smiling and aiming a gun looks great with just about anything.

It’s available in white and navy blue on the official Japanese store.

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“Bad Bear Bubble Sweatshirt” All 3 colors / 9,516 yen

A unisex sweatshirt also featuring the Bad Bear theme.

Cut for a semi-loose fit and naturally dropped shoulders, it will keep you looking petite.

It looks cute with pants from the same series♡

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“HBD Cake Hoodie Navy” 10,284 yen

Sizes M and L are loose, but size S has a shorter length for a girly look.

The theme is a birthday cake, the design is full of festive atmosphere, and the scattered heart shapes are lovely.

With a brushed back, you’ll get through spring in just this one.


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Reference element:

“Logo Sweat Shorts” 2 colors / 59,000 won

Shorts with ‘Bad Blue’ logo in vivid blue.

Made of 100% cotton, it’s comfortable enough to wear every day♪

It comes in two colors, blue and navy, and can be worn with your favorite hoodie or t-shirt to complete your look.

department store

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Reference element:

“Bad Bear Face Smart Tok” 13,000 KRW

A product with the “BadBear” face as its handle.

Using acrylic material, it shows smooth curves.

It is bright blue, so it goes well with a simple box ♡

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Reference element:

“Bad bear pattern cushion” 10,056 yen

“BadBear” graphic cushion with “Bad Blue” logo on the back.

Just the right size for a piece that will brighten up any room.


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This time, we introduce the Korean fashion brand “Bad Blue”.

The signature character “Badbear” has a cute shape and is a brand that is gradually becoming popular with street lovers.

Some of them are available for purchase in Japan, so if you’re interested, why not check them out?

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