Planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh?Check out the state’s travel advisories first

Planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh?Check out the state’s travel advisories first

The tourism department of Himachal Pradesh has issued new travel advisories for those planning a trip to the state as the monsoon hits the country.

Given the rainfall and landslides in the area, the advice asks people to take precautions and prioritize their own safety. The document added that people should check the National Disaster Management Agency website for the latest weather information before visiting.

Here are the recommendations from Himachal Pradesh for those planning to travel there:

In a statement, Cabinet Minister and HPTDC Chairman RS Bali mentioned that those already in the state are advised to stay away from rivers and hilly areas and to avoid water sports. “Visitors should also gather information on road conditions before heading to their desired tourist spots,” Bali added, further emphasizing that travelers’ phones should always have GPS enabled for easier location tracking.

The advice also asks travelers not to go on unguided hikes and to avoid driving in fog, rain or fog. “Tourists should fully enjoy their stay and travel experience on the mountain, while also respecting the sanctity of the mountain,” he further added.

Heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh over the past two days has blocked roads and damaged local infrastructure. That’s one of the main reasons travelers are advised to exercise caution so they can stay safe in comfortable accommodations while enjoying a trip to the state’s rain-soaked hill stations. Even if tourists venture out, they must follow the guidelines issued by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to avoid accidents.

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