Philippines Travel Guides, News and Information

Philippines Travel Guides, News and Information

Important things to know


The Philippines uses the Philippine Peso, whose symbol is ₱.

Notes are available in 1000 ₱, 500 ₱, 200 ₱, 100 ₱, 50 ₱, 20 ₱ and 10 ₱ formats. There are three coins: 10 ₱, 5 ₱, and 1 ₱.

Bata Rice Terraces in the Philippines. (Photo courtesy of G Adventures) (Photo credit: Courtesy of G Adventures)

national language

The Philippines has a rich linguistic history, with more than 170 languages ​​and their variations spoken in this archipelagic nation. Currently, the national language is Filipino, a standardized version of Tagalog.

The other national language is English, which makes it easy for English-speaking tourists to tour the country.

climate and weather

The Philippines has a tropical climate characterized by high temperature and high humidity.

While most countries are divided into winter and summer, it makes more sense to differentiate the Philippines based on rainfall because temperatures in the Philippines are fairly constant throughout the year.

June to November is very humid. July to October is the typhoon season, with as many as 10 typhoons across the country.

On the other hand, December to May is very dry. December to February is cool, while March to May is hot and dry.

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