Philippines Travel Customer Service Outsourcing: Cynergy BPO – 24/7 Omnichannel and Multilingual Support


In an increasingly global and connected travel world, the need for immediate, personalized customer service has never been greater. Cynergy BPO is a premier consulting firm that has become a key link connecting Philippine tourism businesses with world-class BPO providers. Their common mission? Meet the growing demand for 24/7 omnichannel and multilingual support.

“The travel industry doesn’t fit into a 9-5 routine. It’s an ever-changing industry, and so are the customer support needs of the modern traveler,” said John Maczynski, CEO, Cynergy BPO. “Our partners in the Philippines have a natural customer service ethos, multilingual proficiency, and a strong technical infrastructure that are well-positioned to meet these needs.”

The implementation of omnichannel support (seamless integration of services across multiple platforms) has become an inalienable asset in the travel industry. From phone calls and emails to live chat and social media, customers expect prompt, effective responses on the channel they find most convenient. BPO Provider Cynergy BPO Partners provides this seamless omni-channel support, ensuring customers’ needs are met no matter which platform they choose to communicate on.

Ralf Ellspermann, Chief Strategy Officer, Cynergy BPO, stresses the importance of this. “Omnichannel is about being where the customer is and supporting it the way they prefer. Our partners in the Philippines understand this need and are well placed to deliver.”

As globalization increases, so does the need for multilingual support. The 24/7 nature of the travel industry complicates the language barrier challenge. However, with a multilingual workforce, BPO providers in the Philippines are ideally positioned to meet these challenges. With 24/7 support in various languages, they ensure that travelers, no matter where they are or what their native language is, receive excellent customer support.

In addition to these human-driven efforts, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence chatbots and data analytics tools also play a vital role in delivering superior customer service. These technologies help to predict and resolve potential issues before they impact the traveler experience, facilitating a proactive rather than reactive approach to customer service.

“Our BPO partners not only respond to problems, but also anticipate them,” Ellspermann points out. “Advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and data analytics, allow them to anticipate customer needs and provide pre-emptive solutions.”

Despite high-tech tactics, a human touch remains crucial in the world of travel customer service. Filipino agents are renowned for their hospitality and empathy, and the personal connection they provide forms the core of exceptional support.

“Travel is a deeply personal experience, and so should the customer service that comes with it. Our partner agencies provide that human connection, ensuring each traveler feels valued and cared for,” concludes Maczynski .

As the travel industry grows, so does the need for 24/7 omni-channel and multilingual support. With the guidance of Cynergy BPO and the help of its partner BPO providers in the Philippines, travel companies around the world are equipped to meet these demands, transforming customer service and setting new standards in the industry.


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