Philippines travel advice: Tourist warning issued after deadly Manila hotel attack Travel News | Travel

Philippines travel advice: Tourist warning issued after deadly Manila hotel attack Travel News | Travel

Consisting of more than 7,000 islands in the Western Pacific, the Philippines is a favorite tropical getaway for tourists.

But the Foreign Office (FCO) has issued a warning to British tourists following the deadly attack on a hotel in Manila.

A gunman attacked the Resorts World Entertainment Center, killing at least 36 people.

The masked gunman was found dead after setting himself on fire in a hotel room, according to police.

Most of the victims died of suffocation after the attackers set fire to the casino, Manila TV said.

The man, believed to be a gambling addict, was “crazy” and attempted to rob the casino, causing mass panic, police have revealed.

The tragic incident prompted the UK Foreign Office to warn tourists against traveling to the area.

“There have been reports of a major security incident at the Resorts World Manila hotel,” the statement said.

“You are advised to avoid the area and follow local authority advice.”

Authorities initially feared the incident was a military attack and urged the public to remain calm.

Due to conflicts between government forces and militants, the recent political situation in the Philippines has been unstable.

Martial law was declared by the country’s president more than a week ago to “suppress lawless violence and rebellion and maintain public safety”.

The Foreign Office warned tourists about the controversial law, advising: “The measures to be implemented may include curfews and checkpoints, as well as the suspension of habeas corpus.

“You should follow media reports and follow instructions from local authorities.

“Any travel to Mindanao during the period of martial law should be given special consideration, the impact of which is unclear.”

The Philippines is also “very likely” facing the threat of terrorism, with multiple terrorist groups operating across the country.

Previous attacks have been carried out using improvised explosive devices and small arms.

“Terrorist groups continue to plan attacks and have the ability and intent to carry out attacks at any time and anywhere in the country, including places visited by foreigners such as airports, shopping centres, public transport and public spaces,” the UK Foreign Office said. Worship. “

Most of the 154,000 Britons who visit the Philippines every year are safe and sound.

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