Philippines Prepaid Cards and Digital Wallets Business Data Book 2023: Transaction Value, Market Size and Forecast, Consumer Attitudes and Behavior, Retail Spending 2018-2027 – | Business


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kF=mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘2=F6 %C6?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘@=F>6 %C6 ?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:mpG6C286 ‘2=F6 A6C %C2?D24E:@?k^=:mk^F=m

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kF=mk=:m#6E2:= $9@AA:?8 W’2=F6( ‘@=F>6( pG8) ‘2=F6Xk^=:mk=:m%C2G6= W’2=F6 ( ‘@=F>6( pG8) ‘2=F6Xk^=:mk=:mt?E6CE2:?>6?E 2?5 v2>:?8 W’2=F6( ‘@=F>6( pG8) ‘2=F6Xk^=:mk=:m#6DE2FC2?E W’2=F6( ‘@=F>6( pG8) ‘2=F6Xk^=:mk=:m#6492C86 2?5 q: == !2J>6?E W’2=F6( ‘@=F>6( pG8) ‘2=F6Xk^=:mk^F=m

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kF=mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘2=F6 %C6?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘@=F>6 %C6 ?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:mpG6C286 ‘2=F6 A6C %C2?D24E:@?k^=:mk=:mF>36C @7 r2C5Dk^=:mk^F= m

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kF=mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘2=F6 %C6?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:m%C2?D24E:@? ‘@=F>6 %C6 ?5 p?2=JD:Dk^=:mk=:mpG6C286 ‘2=F6 A6C %C2?D24E:@?k^=:mk=:mF>36C @7 r2C5Dk^=:mk^F= m

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kAm!9:=:AA:?6D v:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $:K6 2?5 u@C642DEk^Am

kF=mk=:mv:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $:K6 2?5 u@C642DE 3J uF?4E:@?2= pEEC:3FE6k^=:mk=:mqJ ~A6? {@@A v: 7E r2C5k^=:mk=:mqJ r=@D65 {@@A v:7E r2C5k^=:mk=:mv:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $:K6 2?5 u@C642DE 3J r@?DF>6C $68>6?EDk^=:mk=:mqJ #6E2:= r@?DF>6C $68>6?Ek^=:mk=:mqJ r@CA@C2E6 r@?DF >6C $68>6? Ek^=:mk=:mv:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $92C6 p?2=JD:D 3J #6E2:= r2E68@C:6Dk^=:mk=:mv:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $92C6 p?2=JD:D 3J v:7E:?8 ~442D:@?k^=:mk=:mv:7E r2C5 |2C<6E $92C6 p?2=JD:D 3J !FC492D6 2C<6E $:K6 2?5 u@C642DE 3J uF?4E:@?2= pEEC:3FE6k^Am

kF=mk=:mqJ ~A6? 2C<6ED)4@>k^2mk^Am


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kAm!&qi _d^b_^a_ab _hidd p|^sx$ri _d^b_^a_ab _hidd p|k^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH)3FD:?6DDH:C6)4@>^?6HD^9@>6^a_ab_db___dbd`^6?Qm9EEAi^^HHH)3FD:?6DDH:C6)4@>^?6HD^9 @>6^a_ab_db___dbd`^6?k^2mk^Am

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