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JLo and Ben Affleck got free tattoos for Valentine’s Day (Image: Getty/JLo)

JLo and Ben Affleck cemented their rekindled romance with ink, and they got matching tattoos on Valentine’s Day.

After tying the knot last August, the pair showed their commitment to each other with complementary designs, both featuring arrows and an infinity symbol.

Getting a tattoo is a big step forward, especially when the indelible imprint on your skin is such a strong connection to another human being. So it’s no surprise that many of us agonize over the idea of ​​couples tattoos.

What to do if you broke up with your partner? Does it affect your future relationships or does it cause you pain every time you look at it? This is a minefield.

Tattoo artist Alice Nicholls told “I do matching couple tattoos all the time, but in this business we usually know that we’re going to see the same person again a few months later to cover up.”

“It mostly depends on the design – the name tends to be the most likely to be covered, with the heart to match, followed by the initials.”

While she recommends picking a design that can be easily changed (or given a different meaning if things go wrong), masking and laser removal isn’t always necessary.

We asked three people who matched other people’s tattoos how their tattoos turned out — post-ink regret seems to depend entirely on the strength of your bond.

“When we hold hands, the tattoos are next to each other.”

Kelly and her husband’s tattoo was an impulsive decision (Image: Supplied)

Kelly Robinson-Key, 34, from Carmarthenshire, South Wales, got a matching tattoo on her way back from her honeymoon.

“Our son has autism so we didn’t want to leave the country so decided to honeymoon to Blackpool and the Lake District,” she said.

“During the drive home we wanted to see the waterfall or the tattoo – we didn’t have time for both.

“I called the tattoo parlor and hoped they would accommodate us, and surprisingly, they could. I later found out that the tattoo artist’s wife listened to our plight and said she couldn’t say no.

Each bird represents a different family member (Image: Supplied)

The couple both bought four red kites, shaded in their favorite colours.

“My husband is purple, I’m blue, my son is brown, and my daughter is yellow,” says Kelly. “Nine years ago we chose the red kite to represent our move to Wales

“We live 200 miles from home and I am our son’s full-time carer. We are a very close family because we have no one else to fall back on. The tattoo represents that.

“We also have it on the opposite arm so when we hold hands the tattoos are next to each other.”

“We call them wedding rings.”

View image of Sophia’s partner Jayme got tattooed on a trip to Indonesia (Credit: Sophia Cheng/Many Roots)

Sophia Cheng, 35, from York, with partner after tattoo
In 2017, living in the Dayak community of Kalimantan, Indonesia.

‘They are traditional bamboo tappers. They are traditional Dayak symbols that used to be the hallmark of headhunters,” she explained.

“The community was willing to tag us, especially my partner. They said if he wasn’t tagged, he couldn’t communicate with the gods.

The couple took it a step further, and while they were there, their relationship was blessed by an elder in the forest.

“So we call them our wedding rings (because we’re not really into ‘marrying,’ per se,” Sofia says of the tattoos.

“Although I’ve told him that if we break up, I’ll remake the story. I’ll never get rid of this tattoo – it’s really special to me.

“We were still together last week, 13 years!”

“Our tattoos make us stronger.”

Lizzy and her best friend got hummingbird tattoos at the same time (Image: Supplied)

Couples tattoos aren’t just for romantic pairings. Lizzie Adams, 36, from Dover, Kent, has one with her best friend, whom she first met in 1999.

“We lived around the corner from each other, thick as thieves,” she said. “We lost touch for about 10 years, but fast forward to 2020 and we rekindled our friendship.

“We have this connection, we just can’t seem to be in each other’s lives. I love him with all my heart and wish we could be together. But for whatever reason, we just don’t get together.

She also has his nickname tattooed on her leg (Image: Supplied)

Both have multiple tattoos, and last year, Lizzy helped her friend pick out a new one for his neck; a hummingbird. They end up with a matching set.

“I told him he couldn’t get it like I wanted, and we joked around for a long time. He got it done, and then shortly after I got it done too — our tattoo artist was like ‘uh ok,'” she said.

“Then it was time for him to get another tattoo, a back and 111 on his left ankle, exactly like mine.”

‘One of our favorite movies is Walter Mitty. We all love and relate to this storyline, so he has that quote over his shoulder.

In turn, her friend matched her energy by getting the same 111 stamped on his ankle (Image: Supplied)

“Also, growing up, we called each other fruit bats. The common saying was ‘Hello my little fruit bat, wanna be my round tree? ’ — I have a tattoo above my thigh that says “Hello, my little fruit bat.”

“I’d love to say we’re a couple, we act like a couple, and neither can be in each other’s lives.” Maybe one day. But our tattoos do make us stronger.

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