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release date:2023.08.28


Uzbekistan, the beautiful blue world, Mongolia, the country of the prairie. This seminar will invite experts and local residents from the two countries as keynote speakers to introduce the highlights and lifestyles of Uzbekistan and Mongolia.​

Looking west from Japan on the world map, the vast Eurasian continent unfolds. This region covers nearly 40% of the world’s landmass and is home to many countries that do not lie near the sea, also known as “Inner Asia”. ​The countries known as East Asia and Central Asia actually have many pro-Japanese countries and many scenic spots. This time I would like to introduce Uzbekistan and Mongolia among them.​

■ Speaker

Ms. Yumi Mizumori (JICA expert)

IT companies, local government officials, and JICA are responsible for regional development, regional revitalization, and tourism development. In terms of tourism development, he has experienced the promotion of international tourism in Japan, and currently serves as the chairman and advisor of the Uzbekistan Government Tourism Committee as a JICA expert, and we are promoting cooperative activities through pilot projects.

Kana Mori (SRP TRAVEL Ikat Boutiques)

After working in a travel agency, he joined JICA overseas cooperation volunteers from 2008 to 2010. Worked as a tourism lecturer at a university in Samarkand. After marrying a local she met at the event, she worked as a go-between in Japan between Uzbekistan and a Japanese travel agency while running a PR campaign for Uzbekistan through grocery sales and cooking classes. In 2020, she moved to Uzbekistan with her family and runs a local travel agency, grocery store and cafe with her husband.

Mr. Takahiko Makino (JICA expert)

Since 2014, as a JICA expert, supporting the tourism promotion work of the governments of Serbia and Mongolia. From 2007 to 2014, as a UNESCO cultural expert, he was stationed in Thailand, India, and Myanmar, engaged in world heritage protection and sustainable tourism promotion in Southeast Asia and South Asia. At Corona Vortex, engaged in tourism policy support work as a Japanese domestic expert (Shikoku Transportation Bureau).

Mr Punzagslen Altansuf (JICA Ministry of Economic Development
Agriculture and Rural Development Group Principal Investigator)

Native to Mongolia. He was born in a nomadic family that made a living from animal husbandry, and entered a Japanese university to study business administration. From 2013 to March 2022, he was involved in governance and education, agricultural and livestock projects, and volunteer work at JICA Mongolia office. Currently working at JICA headquarters.


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