PCR testing no longer available for fully vaccinated travelers to Bali, Indonesia

PCR testing no longer available for fully vaccinated travelers to Bali, Indonesia

Visiting the Isle of the Gods is getting easier and easier.

Indonesia will no longer require travelers to show negative PCR test results taken within 48 hours of departure – as long as they are fully vaccinated.

President Joko Widodo announced that the new regulation will come into effect on May 18. Today, official regulations have been distributed to all relevant government agencies.

In addition, the rule that PCR testing is not required for recovered travelers who contracted COVID 30 days prior to arrival in Indonesia is no longer valid.

However, it is important for travelers to always check that the airline has its own set of regulations, which may differ from the destination’s, to avoid surprises at the check-in counter.

Health Protocol Changes

The latest regulations also stipulate the following:

a. Use a three-ply cloth or surgical mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin indoors or in crowds;
b. Regularly replace masks every four hours, and centrally dispose of discarded masks;
c. Wash your hands often with water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects that other people have touched;
d. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people and avoid crowds; and
e. It is not recommended to make one-way or two-way conversations by phone or in person when using public transportation such as land, railway, sea, river, lake, intersection, and air.

Essentially, this means that wearing a face mask outdoors and on scooters is no longer necessary.

Make travel easier

Over the past few months, Indonesia has changed several covid-related travel requirements, which has allowed many travelers to finally visit Bali.

Apart from the removal of quarantine, the most important and crucial step is to allow people from 60 countries to enter Indonesia with visa on arrival. Since then, the number of tourists to Bali has increased dramatically and holidaymakers are expected to choose Bali again for their summer holidays in July and August.

Airlines are starting to fly to Bali again and the increase in ticket prices is a clear sign that Bali is in high demand.

Two years later, hundreds of thousands of Balinese have lost all or most of their income sources, and the industry’s recovery is eagerly awaited.

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