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From June 15th, PayPay will launch “TrueMoney” in Thailand, “Touch ‘n Go eWallet” in Malaysia, “GCash” in the Philippines, and support “HelloMoney by AUB” payment.

When more than 1 billion overseas users visit Japan, including “Alipay” in mainland China, “AlipayHK” in Hong Kong, and “Kakao Pay” in South Korea, etc., PayPay merchants’ QR codes can be used for food, beverages, souvenirs, and accommodation. wait.

The goal is to use PayPay through the “user scan method”, that is, the user scans the QR code posted by the store.

Due to the lifting of entry and exit restrictions, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in April 2023 has recovered to nearly 2 million, about 66% of the number in the same month in 2019 before the new crown crisis. Due to the increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, the transaction volume of “Alipay”, “AlipayHK” and “Kakao Pay” through Alipay+ linked with PayPay is also increasing. As inbound demand is expected to recover further in the future, we will start working with “TrueMoney”, “Touch ‘n Go eWallet”, “GCash” and “HelloMoney by AUB”. We aim to increase the sales of affiliated stores by incorporating payment through overseas cashless services, including cashless services in Southeast Asia.


How to use overseas cashless services through PayPay QR code (Alipay)

If you are a PayPay merchant, you can apply to use “Alipay+” for free, and you can use “Alipay+” to support seven overseas cashless services just by setting a QR code. The payment system usage fee for Alipay+ service is 1.98% of the transaction amount (excluding tax).

Overseas cashless payment service linked with PayPay

Alipay (Chinese mainland)
Kakao Pay (South Korea)
AlipayHK (Hong Kong)
Real Money (Thailand)
Touch ‘n Go Wallet (Malaysia)
GCash (Philippines)
HelloMoney by AUB (Philippines)


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