Pattaya mayor says reality show ‘Keep Running’ will drive Chinese tourists to Pattaya

Pattaya mayor says reality show ‘Keep Running’ will drive Chinese tourists to Pattaya

exist pattayaOver the past few days, throngs of excited fans and film crews have been spotted at various locations such as the Grande Center Point Space Hotel and the world’s largest 7-Eleven in South Pattaya.The reason behind this excitement is for Popular reality and variety shows in China “Keep Running.” The show famously Chinese Celebrities Participate in various challenges and skits, attract a large following, and aim to promote the development of tourism in Pattaya.

Pattaya Mayor Poramese Ngampiches even got a chance to join in, with actors in school uniforms in the photos.According to reports, the mayor believes that the fair will significantly boost tourism in Pattaya, especially from the Chinese market pattaya news. “Run” has maintained high ratings and positive reviews after several seasons in China, making it an ideal platform for potential tourists to promote their trip to Pattaya.

This development is also part of a wider plan to establish Pattaya as a leading film and arts city. By attracting popular shows and productions such as “Keep Running,” Pattaya aims to increase its popularity and appeal to domestic and international tourists.

As the filming of “Let’s Run” continues to generate attention and excitement in Pattaya, the city appears to be becoming a sought-after destination for film and art lovers.

In recent news, Pattaya has been making headlines as its film festival launches a unique experience for movie buffs by offering free beachside cinemas from June 16-19. This marks the exciting debut of the festival’s transformation of picturesque beaches into magical outdoor cinema experiences that tourists and locals alike can enjoy. The show showcased a diverse mix of film cultures, and the Ministry of Culture has high hopes that this pioneering event will significantly enhance the city’s reputation and boost its tourism industry. Read more here.

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