Pattaya incident: Police investigate Thai tour guide’s death after falling from hotel

Pattaya incident: Police investigate Thai tour guide’s death after falling from hotel

Photo courtesy of Chaiyot Pupattanapong, The Bangkok Post

Tragic incident at a hotel in Pattaya injures a Thai tour guide fatal fall From the balcony on the fourth floor of his residence.Pattaya authorities rush to Town Plaza Hotel Malibu At around 6.30am, after a harrowing phone call about the discovery guide, Puwasi Chairangkalying lifeless in the parking lot near the hotel.

The 48-year-old allegedly fell from room 42 on the fourth floor of the five-storey building.

Hotel receptionist Kachornsak Jongmangkang came forward to speak about the disturbing incident. The 30-year-old said a loud bang was brought to his attention around 6am, which initially led him to believe a power transformer might have exploded.

However, the receptionist’s suspicions were quickly turned after hearing sirens. When he looked towards the source of the sound, it appeared to be coming from a mobile phone. To his shock and dismay, the clue not only led him to the mobile device, but also to Poissette’s body. After the harrowing discovery, Kajon Sak immediately called the police, according to the Bangkok Post.

Immediately after this shocking incident in Pattaya, the Pattaya Police launched an investigation to find out the circumstances of the incident. The case is still under investigation and authorities are using every possible lead to unravel the truth behind this untimely death.

Falling to death from tall buildings is nothing new in Pattaya or Thailand. Last week, a 19-year-old intern was seriously injured in a car park after falling from a six-story building. The young man was found naked with apparent wounds. Read more here.

In a more poignant incident, an Irish expatriate fell from the 23rd floor of a Bangkok apartment. Struggling under enormous financial pressure and haunted by the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, the man tragically chose to take his own life. Read more here.

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