Pasona Education (Hong Kong) starts classes at Awaji Island on Monday, January 16 | Pasona Group Inc. Press Release

Hong Kong is one of the regions with particularly high interest in Japanese tourism, Japanese culture and Japanese language learning.
Therefore, Pasona Education launched the “Awaji Learning Holiday Program”, a homestay training program for learning advanced Japanese. This time, the Hong Kong trainees of the first program will come to Japan on Thursday 12th January and the training will begin on Monday 16th January.

In this training, we will provide intensive courses for proficiency in advanced to business Japanese, local cultural experience to learn Japanese culture in Awaji Island, and opportunities for cultural exchange with the local community. In addition, for those who wish to find a job in Japan, we will hold lectures to learn about the characteristics of job hunting in Japan, self-improvement methods, etc., and provide employment support using the human resource service network of the Pasona Group. .

  • Outline of Pasona Education “Awaji Learning Vacation Project”


January 16 (Mon) – March 9 (Wed) 2023

Facilities of the Pasona Group in Awaji Island and other places in Hyogo Prefecture

Those who live outside Japan and want to learn advanced to business Japanese

Stay on Awaji Island for about 3 months and implement the following plans
① Implementation of intensive Japanese language courses
・Business Japanese Advanced Course
・Business Japanese role-playing, task-based action learning, etc.
(2) Provide local cultural experience and interaction opportunities
・Taiko experience
・Agricultural experience
・Awaji tile making experience
・Incense making experience
・Interaction with local people, such as beach cleaning, etc.
③Implementation of employment training in Japan
・About finding a job in Japan
・About self-promotion and resume writing
・Business customs and business etiquette
・Interview countermeasures, etc.

(Schedule) *Current schedule, subject to change
Arrived at Awaji Island on Thursday, January 12
13th (Friday) Outlying Islands Study Group
16th (Monday) training starts
・Opening ceremony and briefing session
・Japanese Intensive Lectures (5 days a week)
・Action Learning (3 days a week)
・Job hunting training (once a week)
・Cultural experience training (1 day per week)
March 19 (Thursday) Last day of training, final exam

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