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Part 2 Stocks Sony, Pharma Foods, McDonald’s Holdings Japan etc. moving ahead of the day | Reuters

Part 2 Stocks Sony, Pharma Foods, McDonald’s Holdings Japan etc. moving ahead of the day | Reuters

*07:32 JST Stocks moving the previous day Part 2 Sony, Pharma Foods, McDonald’s Holdings Japan, etc.
stock name <代碼> Closing price on the 5th ⇒ YoY change
high mountain
3028 2300 -138
Profits rose sharply in the first half, but fatigue is widespread.

arouge7198 1727-144
Earnings forecasts were raised slightly, but it feels exhausted.

IR Japan Holdings6035 14910 -1320
After the announcement of financial results on the 4th, a sense of fatigue emerged spontaneously.

Shu Ping3179 958-86
The operating income in the October-December quarter also continued to grow until the 4th.

system software7527 117-6
Profit-taking sell-offs following the receipt of financial results on the previous day’s sudden rise.

Kurita Industry6370 4215 -285
Cumulative operating income declined in the third quarter.

dual range6619 960-73
Due to the disruption on the 25th, disposal sales dominated.

giant chip6875 2889 -131
After the third-quarter earnings report, the trend was weak.

ibiden4062 4985 -235
The good financial report that exceeded market expectations has come to an end, leading the way.

Oysteria Land3182 3120 -120
Upward revisions have been announced, and there has been cautious movement, such as a sense of exhaustion following financial results.

Tamura Co., Ltd.6768 567 -18
The final profit and loss fell into a loss in the third quarter.

Kawasaki Steamship9107 1886-87
Although the 4th rose sharply on the financial performance review.

Jay Rice7187 745-22
The feeling of fatigue continued after a round of buying on the 4th due to the release of financial results.

OKI Electric Industry6703 1090 -44
Operating losses continued, but to a lesser extent, in the October-December period.

Dexerials4980 1440-58
After the upward correction, there is also a feeling of peaking due to the rise.

Mitsubishi UFJ8306 505.0+4.1
The cumulative net profit in the third quarter exceeded the annual plan.

Nissan7201 622.8 +43.5
A dime of auto stocks rose significantly.

Japan Airlines9201 2210+150
The number of people infected with the new crown in Japan is on the decline.

sony6758 12450+800
Continue to evaluate the good financial results announced on the 3rd.

Color Wine House8254 263+36
Is it a gimmick movement without any special materials?

medical food2929 3075 +385
Announced the name change of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

J Trust8508 287 +31
Is it a move to step up sales without finding any materials?

sugai chemical industry4120 1800-374
The operating deficit for the October-December quarter was seen as negative.

good life3796 600 -65
The prospect of a sharp drop in profits this term is viewed negatively.

Figure 12667 635+9
The preliminary test of the joint demonstration test of “ALPS treatment of tritium separation technology in water” was completed.
Additionally, efforts are underway to complete a second test by the end of March.

Xinbo Pharmaceutical4582 895+150
The operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ending December 2021 is expected to be a profit of 1.361 billion yen (a loss of 4.506 billion yen in the previous period).

Japan McDonald’s Holdings2702 5180+90
Announced the monthly operating results in January, same-store sales increased by 18.7% year-on-year.

and heart9271 480+22
Short-term funds skyrocketed day after day.

Foot Bag Workshop6548 1188 +75
Look for travel-related brands like this company.

Mercari4385 4970 -370
In the fiscal second quarter ending June 2021, we do not have sufficient material to return to profitability.

minkab4436 4200 -190
On the 5th, profit selling dominated.

wealth navigation7342 2899 +99
The most recent IPO stock is a high-safety mix.

Central Asia Association for International Cooperation2315 38+5
With strong daily price action, June 2020 reached a level of high price awareness.

User Experience Center9888 477 -37
Operating profit in the third quarter was 241 million yen, a year-on-year decrease of 73.3%.


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