PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering Invests More in Sustainable Hotels

In addition to the visible biophilic design, Singapore’s first Gardens Hotel incorporates technology and eco-friendly practices to conserve resources and reduce waste, with sustainability at the heart of the guest experience

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering Redefines Metropolitan Skylines With Iconic Biophilic Design and Unique Garden Hotel Concept, Blending Urban Luxury and Nature
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PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering Redefines Metropolitan Skylines With Iconic Biophilic Design and Unique Garden Hotel Concept, Blending Urban Luxury and Nature

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PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering is a landmark in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant Chinatown. Designed by world-renowned architect WOHA, the hotel pioneered a unique garden hotel concept that perfectly blends urban luxury with nature.

Highlighting biophilic design, this BCA Green Mark Platinum-certified hotel draws inspiration from natural landscapes such as Bali’s picturesque rice fields and boasts over 15,000m2 Sky gardens, planted terraces and cascading vertical greenery more than double the hotel’s total land area.

Green Design and Innovation
With its strong combination of sustainable design and forward-looking business principles, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering is one of the first developments in Singapore to incorporate Cobiax technology in its buildings, a system that reduces concrete usage by placing “hollow formers” that are environmentally friendly recycled plastic.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the hotel’s lush foliage serves another practical purpose, keeping guests comfortable by reducing the energy needed to cool the iconic green structure. Through evapotranspiration, greenery absorbs heat, shades hard surfaces, and cools 367 key properties.

The garden concept continues into the guest room corridors, where lush foliage and water features, sun-drenched paths and fresh air refresh the guest room corridors.

Rooms and suites have also been designed to let in as much natural light as possible and feature sliding walls to enhance the sense of space without compromising comfort.

sustainable practice
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering’s tactile undulating architectural design also features Singapore’s first zero-energy sky garden powered by solar cells. In fact, the 262 solar panels generate up to 65,000 kWh of renewable energy for the hotel each year.

The new rooftop urban farm continues to demonstrate the hotel’s strong commitment to sustainability. With 50 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers that are regularly harvested and used as side dishes, spices and ingredients in restaurants, bars and spas, the hotel offers farm-to-table, farm-to-bar and Farm-to-spa philosophy brought to life. In doing so, it also reduces the hotel’s reliance on food delivery and lowers its carbon footprint.

Guests keen on eco-friendly travel will be happy to know that sustainable sourcing is evident in the hotel, with amenities options including paraben- and cruelty-free soaps and biodegradable packaging.

As part of the hotel’s waste management program, the food waste digester converts food waste into gray water that is responsibly discharged into sewage instead of being added to landfill.

In addition, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering’s infrastructure features explicitly address resource conservation. The resort’s comprehensive energy and water saving features can save up to 6 million liters of water per year, including light, rain, motion, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide sensors.

Hotel extensive lThe landscaped areas are designed to be self-sustaining and minimize reliance on valuable resources – minimizing water usage through rainwater harvesting and the use of NEWater (reclaimed water). For example, built-in rain sensors in landscaped areas automatically shut off irrigation once a certain amount of rainfall is detected.

Recent Environmental Initiatives
In 2022, the hotel will complete the installation of 3M high-quality filtered water dispensers in each guest room, Reduce the consumption of about 230,000 plastic bottles per year, allowing guests to enjoy an unlimited supply of drinking water.

Electric vehicles for guest transfers have also been introduced, along with the installation of on-site electric vehicle charging stations. Travelers can now also use city bikes for free and explore the neighborhood on their own.

Often giving back to the community through events and events like beach cleanups, participating in national campaigns like Go Green SG, supporting other green movements, and sharing more about biophilic design and eco-conscious living through educational hospitality tourism, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering is committed to doing whatever it takes — big or small — contributing to a more sustainable future.

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