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Parco Top Cinemas 2023 WKW! 2023/9/15 (Fri) 16 (Sat) 17 (Sun) Parco Top Cinema, you can enjoy movies on the rooftop of Sapporo Parco. This year’s theme is “WKW!” Beginning with last year’s “WKW4K”, the re-releases of director Wong Kar-wai’s works in cinemas across the country will be screened by Kinomado. Enjoy a unique movie experience on the rooftop of Sapporo PARCO! ————————————————– ———————————————— 【Screen Work ①]”Planet in Love” 9/15 (Friday) The heartbreak of two policemen and the love mode passed on to each other. 223 Detective keeps buying canned pineapples that his ex-lover liked. However, trying to forget her, he spends the night chatting with the blonde she meets in the corner of the bar. At this time, Fei, a new clerk, ushered in the store where Inspector No. 223 often stops. She fell in love with the policeman 663 who came to buy supper, and sneaked into his room with the house key she got by chance. Director/Screenwriter: Wong Kar Wai Starring: Tony Leung, Faye Wong, Brigitte Lam, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhou Yun Photography: Christopher Doyle, Lau Wai Keung 1994/Hong Kong/Original title: “Chungking Express”/English title: “Chongqing Express”/102 minutes – – ————————————————– ——- —- ————————————— ——————-[Screen ②]”Buenos Aires” 9/16 (Sat.) A story between two people who attract and hurt each other love. Wynn Hehui came to Argentina in South America from Hong Kong. The free-spirited Wynn and Hui, who was constantly swayed by Wynn, broke up and reunited many times. This was also a “restart” trip, but the two broke up after quarreling over some trivial matters. After a while, the two met again and lived together, and Hui took care of the injured Wynn. Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Wong Kar Wai Cast: Tony Leung, Leslie Cheung, Zhang Cheng Photography: Christopher Doyle ——————————– —————— —————————— —– ————–[Movie 3]”Hana Likenenka” 9/17 (Sunday) quietly captures the inner sway of a man and a woman between husband and wife. Hong Kong in 1962. Local newspaper editor Zhou and Chen, who works as a secretary in a trading company, moved into the same apartment on the same day and became neighbors. Eventually, the two realize that the other spouse is having an affair and spend more time together. Careful not to let anyone find out, the betrayed and injured gradually develop a relationship that resembles a petty accomplice. Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Wong Kar Wai Cast: Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung Photography: Doyle, Lee Ping Bin 2000/Hong Kong/Original name: In the Mood for Love/English name: In the Mood for Love/98 minutes — – ——- ——————————————– – ——- ————————————————–( Organizer) Kinomado (Cooperation) Sapporo Parco​(Contact) kinomado@gmail.com (Kinomado) *Cancellation due to rain: In case of cancellation, a notice will be posted on each SNS by 17:00 on the day (ticket price will be passed Payment service refund) *Multiple times If you purchased showing dates, please pay separately for each showing date (to facilitate refunds in case of cancellation due to rain). *Parco Top Cinema 2023 will not be showing in 4K.

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