Paradise in the Philippines: A Guide to Palawan Island

When people talk about traveling to Southeast Asia, Thailand is usually the first stop they assume. Bali could be on the itinerary, as could Vietnam and Singapore. Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are also gaining popularity and are worth choosing. But the Philippines, the region’s second most populous country, was an unexpected choice. This republic of an incredible 7,000-plus islands (about 2,000 of which are inhabited) is an unknown.

But it’s becoming harder to ignore as jet-setters go after its stunning natural beauty, friendly people and diverse, interesting cuisine (crocodile, lobster, purple sweet potato!), which attracts A world of attention for foodies around you. While there are thousands of islands to choose from, one unique group stands out: Palawan. On the one hand, its islands are simply stunning and haven’t been overwhelmed by tourism. In contrast, Palawan’s beaches, waters and aquatic species are most similar to the Maldives, the Indian Ocean’s most famous atoll group. Remember: the dry season is from November to May and the rainy season is from June to October.

Private Hammock and Thirty Private Hammock and ThirtyPhoto: Courtesy of Amanpulo

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