Our company CEO Tsuboi is on the podium at the “Philippines HYPER Interdisciplinary Conference 2022”!

Our company CEO Tsuboi is on the podium at the “Philippines HYPER Interdisciplinary Conference 2022”!

  • What is the HYPER Interdisciplinary Conference?

Sponsored by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo; CEO: Yukihiro Maru), the Super Interdisciplinary Society integrates the knowledge and technology of experts who transcend fields and industries, and is a new field that humanity should face . is the place to learn about research topics and questions and to contribute to research together. It aims to build a “super-academic” expert network and promote cutting-edge research and development beyond the boundaries of the field.

  • About the 2022 HYPER Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines

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The population of the Philippines increases by 2 million people (about 1.3%) every year, and the average age is 25 years old, making it a young country. Although it has a high growth potential, it is an island country and thus prone to regional differences, problems such as the distribution of professional human resources and the dispersion of various data. At this conference, we discussed new technologies that can be created by combining agriculture, forestry, healthcare and manufacturing with IT, and identified new challenges for the Philippines. Additionally, by recreating the Philippines in 3D, we will explore ways to address the challenge.
・Contest theme
Philippines in 3D: Data-Driven Deep Tech
(Philippines in 3D: Data-Driven Deep Tech)
·Date and time
November 5, 2022 (Saturday) 9:30〜17:30
Local (Philippine Trade Research Center, Pasay City)
In addition, researchers, teachers and students from academia and research institutions can attend the conference free of charge. Interested participants outside of academia please contact us.


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  • Panel session “Creating Forests through Environmental Analysis and Seed Mapping”

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Three panelists held a one-hour group session on the theme “Creating Forests through Environmental Analysis and Seed Mapping”. Our representative Tsuboi came on stage as one of them.Forest division using satellite data (artificial intelligence polygons), growth management of planted trees and computerization of forestsForest carbon credit assessment” was mentioned and announced.

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・Panel session “Creating Forests through Environmental Analysis and Seed Mapping” Speaker
Galan Incense Co., Ltd.
Co-founder and CEO Mr. Jay Arniel Gajudo

Sagri Co., Ltd.
Founder and CEO Shunsuke Tsuboi

Conservation Innovation Center PH
Geospatial Solutions Team Leader
Dr. Oliver Corosa

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Ecosystem Management Spacialism I
gentlemen.Juan Miguel Macarague

leave the lair of the philippines
Dr. Yevgeny Aster Dual

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See the link below for meeting details.

Cyber-focused Ecology: Mapping the Seeds through Environmental Analytics – 2nd Session Panelists for HIC in the Philippines 2022

  • About SAGURI Co., Ltd.

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Sagri Co., Ltd. is a start-up company established in Hyogo Prefecture in June 2018 with the vision of “realizing the coexistence of humans and the earth”. In 2019, we established a subsidiary in Bangalore, India. We aim to solve global agricultural and environmental problems through satellite data and artificial intelligence. In June 2021, we announced funding totaling 155 million yen from the Real Tech Fund and others. We also invested in the first project of the Kobe Venture Fund in Hyogo Prefecture. In 2021, it was certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a university entrepreneurial venture company such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries technology, and was selected as J-Startup-KANSAI by the Kinki Economic Industry Bureau. Received the Ministry of the Environment Entrepreneurship Award for Business Concept and was selected as Toyo Keizai 2021 Amazing Venture.

  • SAGURI Co., Ltd. is actively recruiting

SAGURI Co., Ltd. is actively recruiting human resources. Please check the recruitment details and apply from the link below. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email addresses below or through our HP contacts.
▼Our recruitment page

▼For inquiries about recruitment, please contact us through the following methods.
Email address: re*****@sa***.tokyo

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