Only $9! ?Mekong Delta Tour – Ho Chi Minh City Career Change Fast Vietnam

Only !  ?Mekong Delta Tour – Ho Chi Minh City Career Change Fast Vietnam

Release date: 2018/01/26

Only $9! ?Mekong Delta Tour

If you stay in Vietnam for a long time, I think many customers and friends will visit you. In this case, we recommend the Mekong Delta day trip from Ho Chi Minh City. A few days ago, I will introduce the process from reservation to tour when a friend comes.
*The Mekong Delta is a low-lying wetland stretching across the mouth of the Mekong River, a complex of rivers, wetlands and islands in southern Vietnam.

Even if you think “let’s go to the Mekong Delta!”, you should take the bus tour because it costs more to do it yourself. I thought about making a reservation online, but it was more expensive than expected, so I decided to go to the front desk to make a reservation. Visited several travel companies on Phạm Ngũ Lão Street and Bùi Viện Street, this time using Vietnam Dream Travel (112 Bùi Viện). The tour was 200.000 vnd per person (about 1000 yen), which I think is the lowest price as of January 2018!
In fact, there are a lot of stores that don’t list the tour fee, so it might be a multiplier to the price. I think being able to speak simple Vietnamese would be an advantage. Once you pay in advance and receive your receipt, your reservation is complete!

The Japanese tour starts at 38 usd, and the participants are all Japanese who came from abroad, so I chose the English tour. All guides are in English, but (Vietnamese English) explanations use simple words and are relatively easy to understand. High school graduation level English is not a problem! !

7:45 Meet Vietnam Dream Travel

Ho Chi Minh Tourist Company

After a while, the bus came. From here we will bypass some hotels in the area before heading to our destination. Tourist bus, each person has a bottle of water, the air conditioner is on, very comfortable. We were the only Japanese, and almost all the team had different nationalities, so it was an interesting situation!

10:00 Arrive around the Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta Tour

(1) Textile factory visit
I received experiments and product descriptions for textiles. It can also be purchased directly.

~Go to the island by boat~

Mekong Delta Tour Boat

Mekong Delta Tour Boat

② Honey Farm

Mekong Delta Tour Honey Farm

Mekong Delta Tour Honey Farm

After about 10 minutes, I arrived at the honey farm. After the experience of holding the hive is over, we can taste the honey drink. Is it commercial? I don’t have any particular ideas or sales, and I don’t feel bad about it.

③ snake

Mekong Delta Tour Snake

Sure enough, I got scared and saw a Vietnamese guy I met trying it from a distance.

④ Coconut sugar factory?Field trips

Mekong Delta Tour Coconut Sugar Factory

Mekong Delta Tour Coconut Sugar Factory

From the experience of cracking open a coconut, you can see how the candy is made and packaged. We sampled hot coconut candies made on site. The guy handing out the coconut sugar is a jokey tour guide.

⑤ Fruit tasting and folk songs

Mekong Delta Tour Fruit Tasting and Folk Song

Mekong Delta Tour Fruit Tasting and Folk Song

Taste 5 kinds of fruits while tasting Vietnamese folk songs. With music as the background, every table is very lively.

⑥ ship

Traffic jams are difficult. You’ll feel like you’re wearing nona in Vietnam. Tipping is mandatory when you get off the bus, so you should tip as much as you feel comfortable with.

⑦ lunch

Mekong Delta Tour Lunch

This lunch is included in the tour fee. Because it is a super cheap itinerary, although you can’t eat the whole deep-fried elephant ear fish, which is famous in Mito, there is an additional menu, so you can order it casually. Our table was packed with participants from 5 different countries.
After dinner, we have about 40 minutes to spare. Sleeping in alligator ponds and hammocks, taking naps in cafes, etc., passed in the blink of an eye.

A small boat will take you back to My Tho Pier.

⑧ Eichoji Temple (Eizenji Temple)

Mekong Delta Tour Eichoji Temple (Vinh Chan Temple)

Mekong Delta Tour Eichoji Temple (Vinh Chan Temple)

It’s a short stop of about 20 minutes, but is it a big Buddha statue? Big Buddhas like Daikokuten are also photo spots.

18:00 Bui Vien arrives

We got back to the starting point on time. About 10 hours have passed!

This is a diverse tour with many participants from different countries. Through this trip, I made friends from 9 different countries, which is another reason why I am very satisfied with this trip. Not only tourists, but you can meet foreigners living in the area, and you can create a community of foreigners living there, especially recommended for expats who like international exchanges! please go there!

Fast Vietnamese trainee Hirona

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